A child of 25

I’m not sure if it’s reassuring or not to hear a track that’s been used on some show, fall in love with it, google it to find what the track is, head to iTunes to download it… only to find you already own it.

This has happened to me more times recently than I care to admit. Lately, with Syntax and a track I now own three times. With They Might Be Giants and a track I now own twice. And now with Snow Patrol and a track I only don’t own twice because I’ve finally learnt my lesson and actually check through the iPod before I download!

Why reassuring? Well, it’s nice to know my tastes are at least vaguely consistent and once I like a track I always like a track. Why not reassuring? Because I don’t like to think my memory is that crap! Either way, it’s definitely a sign that 4000 odd tracks is about where I should draw the line with my music collection. That, and I need to dig through it more often as opposed to just playing the same ten bands over and over. Oh, the dilemma. It used to be so much easier – I only had to choose between my two Jason Donovon cassette tapes…

And plus? Curses at TV shows for suddenly putting decent tracks on their soundtracks. Used to be I never paid attention to what was playing in the background. Now, I can’t watch an episode of Bones or Grey’s Anatomy without rushing to Google afterwards with a lyric. (Must admit, I am loving how Brit Indy is making it’s presence felt across the Atlantic tho 😉 )

5 thoughts on “A child of 25

  1. Memory is that crap!

    One way of thinking about it is to say that you are at least consistent.

    The other is to accept that one has new ideas relatively infrequently. This is what I think now about myself, having reread what I just thought was a new thought of mine while going back through old e-mails or diary entries more times than can be discounted as bad luck.

  2. That is odd, but not too odd, Cas! I admit there are things in my library that I haven’t listened to, once. It’s from having imported songs from people who simply recommend things for me to listen to and not getting around to listening to it (or listening to one song, not the entire album, and then getting distracted). Such a waste. I have no excuse now, though. I just bought an iPod to replace my long-crapped-out one, so I’m really excited to have all this music at my fingertips, once again!

    I agree with Tony’s assertion that you’re consistent, though. (BTW thanks for the “welcome” in your previous post–I had only seen it now. 🙂 )

  3. illyna – that was part of the problem! Because it came on a mix cd somehow I never twigged. I just knew I liked it. It wasn’t till I brought it that I realised what I’d done!

    surly – thanks for the link 🙂 I have to admit I’m avoiding that site though because we’re mid season two over here, and past experience has taught me that ABC are spoilerific!

    Tony – I’ll go with consistent if that’s ok with you! And welcome to Bright Meadow 🙂

    estarla – I’m exactly the same. Even WITH an iPod (two if you count the shuffle) I only ever scratch the surface of my collection. But I’ve reached that point where I’m bored with ALL my music. It might be time for a radical slash’n’burn policy and start over from scratch. And the welcome was my pleasure. I’m glad you returned 😀

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