Sunday Roast: ok, at this point you’re abusing sarcasm

Once again, a week has gone by with little action on the blogging front. There’s been some behind the scenes writing but nothing is quite at the stage where I feel comfortable sharing it. I am devilishly annoyed because I had a stonkingly brilliant idea coming home on the bus on Thursday, but by the time I got to the computer I’d forgotten it. You see, it was such a good idea I didn’t think I needed to write it down because I wouldn’t forget it… Just goes to show you how much I know.

Anyway, once more with the roast. It’s not a huge one, but it’s not teeny either, just kinda average sized. Not that size matters of course 😉

I haven’t used Pandora in a while because I’m not spending every waking hour chained to my computer any more, but when I was in full-on research/writing mode, Pandora is responsible for saving what was left of my sanity. So I can understand the blow it will be now that some non-US listeners will be blocked.

Two girls in Wales have been fined for drawing with chalk on the pavement. It’s chalk which, by it’s very nature, washes off. Yes, hearts and rainbows are highly subversive but… What next? Are kids going to be given ASBOs because they’ve drawn a hop-scotch grid outside their house?

I’ve not ventured into the weird and wacky world of Linux myself, but I know plenty of people who have made the plunge for a variety of reasons (more than one because of GIS licensing issues, but that’s another story) and they all said it’s surprisingly not scary. Hopefully more people are going to think the same thing, or else Dell shipping Ubuntu on Linux PCs isn’t going to be as successful as they hope!

The British Library are compiling an e-mail Domesday Book. I’m not quite sure as to the use of it, nor am I sure any of my emails will be appropriate (too personal!) but it could be a cool idea. Go, email them! I will if you will.

I saw these last week but didn’t roast them as I wasn’t sure if I was going to get some for my brothers birthday or not and he does (on rare occasions) stop by the blog. But I’ve got his present now, so it’s safe to share these cute mugs.

We had the lolcats last week, but I just had to share these adorable fluff-balls.

I have a policy with items I’m not sure about roasting – if they cross my radar from two or more sources I respect (and who I not-so-secretly adore) then I have to roast them. This map fills both categories, and also led me to this so I kinda had to roast it, even though I do so hate to follow the herd.

You might have noticed a distinct upswing in Archaeology/geeky related links lately. I blame Neko for reminding me of the fun. Grrr. Anyway, the Museum of London is doing some groovy stuff at the moment but, rather than tell you about it myself, I shall let Tom explain everything. Well, he’s done such a good job, it would be a shame to waste all his effort 😉

MOO took the blogging world by storm with their MiniCards – I’ve got a handful from various people in my Filofax, and they always get people talking when I reach for the business cards – and now they’re going for the double with these adorable NoteCards.

As you might have noticed, my mojo has been on extended leave at the moment. I get the odd postcard to let me know it’s ok, having fun without me in groovy places like Iceland and Timbuktu, but I’ve still no idea when it will be back. Which sucks for me, because writing is part of me and it’s not nice when a bit of you is missing, and which has to suck for you because you have to put up with reading the drivel I’ve been spewing lately. So perhaps these tips will help me? Idea 13 is intriguing me, even if it is a little ghoulish, though I am detecting a flaw with the cunning plan: I need to be able to write to write my future obituary. Doh!

A quick writing tip from one of my favourite TV writers.

And lastly, some movie trailers to enjoy:
Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer – You should know by now that I have a soft spot for crappy movies. Not as big a soft spot as Moose, but still, it’s there. This appeals to that spot. That’s all I’m going to say.

Civic Duty – I’m intrigued by this one as I genuinely can’t see how this will play or end. Normally I can predict quite closely the plot of a movie. This one, not so much. If the neighbour IS a terrorist, then basically the film is saying paranoia and rampant xenophobia is OK. But from everything in the trail, the neighbour clearly is up to something dodgy… Plus, Richard Schiff is in it, and he’s an actor I could watch all day.

Hairspray – I’ve never seen the original, but along with my soft spot for crappy movies, I’ve got a gooey chocolatey centre for musicals and stirring, uplifting tales of the bullied girl making good…

Duck – And I’m including this because I haven’t got a fracking clue what it’s meant to be about and I’m hoping someone else has an idea!

11 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: ok, at this point you’re abusing sarcasm

  1. It’s true I have a appreciation for bad films, but even I draw the line at Fantastic Four.

  2. I love the original Hairspray film, but the trailer for this one is looking quite good. I see they’ve done another ‘The Producers’ (film to Broadway to film). Let’s hope this one is more sucessful.

    Duck is simply a heart-warming tale about a man and his duck. And no more BSG for you.

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  4. No more BSG for ME?! Who was the one who, after watching season two, went right back to the beginning, watched all of them, and is now half way through season two again? Huh?

  5. Sadly, if I had to choose between two normal blog posts and the Sunday Roast, I would go with the roast every time. First of all, the name implies meatiness, secondly, I am lazy and do not finish the whole thing in one go. It is much easier to come back in the middle of a roast than in the middle of an entry.

    My next computer will be a Dell-ish machine with Linux. I’m taking the plunge this summer, but I probably won’t buy one with Ubuntu pre-installed. Instead, I’ll commission our work IT guy to do some awesomeness.

  6. Of course I’m watching it again, there’s some rather tastey blokes who spend quite a lot of time with their shirts off, plus I’m the Queen of Avoidance. I am not using made up words from it in every day life though. 😛

  7. The use of made up words from sci fi should be actively encouraged! Fracking is a GOOD word… as is ‘shiny’….. ahhhhh Firefly… how I miss you….

    So :p

  8. Abi: got it. More roasts, less actual writing. Works for me 😉

    Neko: I use shiny with monotonous regularity. Shiny in the Firefly sense, not the traditional ‘sparkly’ sense that is. They even know what I mean when I use it at work… I have to admit, I use ‘frell’ as my F-word more than ‘frack’. Ahh, Farscape, how I miss you…

  9. I like ‘Drokk’ from Shadowrun, but that is an RPG, and yeah, ‘frell’ is good. Didn’t Red Dwarf have an ‘F’ word?

  10. Smeghead! that was my favourite for a long time. that and smee-hee (Kryton’s version of it)

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