The Odd Things

When I opened up my emails at home this evening I was greeted with something I emailed myself from work today as a reminder:

Bring in the bat!

There’s an explanation but it almost doesn’t seem worth it. It’s no where near as funny as anything you could be imagining for yourselves right now.

15 thoughts on “The Odd Things

  1. I sometimes set reminders on my mobile to remind me of something, but surprisingly, I remember them before the alarm goes off. Sometimes I wonder whether I’d need to set an alarm in the first place, LOL.

  2. when you showed me the bat this morning you said the blog would explain. it didn’t. you lied!:shock:

  3. pelf – I find that if I set an alarm or ask someone to remind me about something, I’ll remember it without their help. It’s the things I *don’t* think to remind myself of that I forget. Memory retention of a brain injured gold fish, that’s me!

    peroty – no. Moving a turtle does not count 😛 Though it was a very humanitarian thing to do (so long as you didn’t move it into a pot for dinner), so kudos.

    Richard – you would *rolleyes*

    Moose – I *meant* to say that the blog would intrigue you more and that I would explain when I got home… Sowwy

    And Neko – good idea. But why wait for me to get round to guest-posting. Everybody, have at it in the comments. The best guess gets, oh… something I shall think of when I’m not so tired from college!

  4. No no! I moved Mr. Turtle to the grassy forestland across the street from where he came. I presume he was turtling along towards that location, so I helped. 🙂

  5. Well, good karma is accruing for you even as I type then.

    Though what if he was trying to get away from a nasty predator in the grassy forestland… Oooh, the dilemma!

  6. ‘Cas had been working discreetly for some time… and it was almost time for the plans to come to fruition. The powdered newt, the frog bones, the dash of spices had all been left in the watercooler and the prescribed times.

    The incantations had been read, the office walked widershins by the light of the moon.

    Now all she needed was the bat…..’

  7. or is it more like the reverse of ‘bring out the gimp’

    ‘bring in the bat…. wallop….’

    oh wait, we don’t do frat initiations in the UK….

    (neko, in a mischevious mood)

  8. Neko – GLAN at number 9. The idea of channelling the witches from Macbeth (or Discworld depending on literary tastes) is a brilliant one!

    And one that had me glan-ing at the office enough to make the Uber Boss peer at me over her spectacles and want to share the joke.

  9. I live to serve.
    I’m off doing silly LARP things this weekend so no dount I will have comedy bruises and photos to share upon my return.

    Do you want to resume sundays on the common?

    Not that I can this week… but I guess you could’ve figured that out myself….it’s late and I need to pack my swords……

  10. it’s late and I need to pack my swords……

    Heeeheee. I don’t know why, but that made me laugh quite loudly.

    There’s a guy in my office that LARPs. He’s your typical LARPer though; long, unkempt, ginger hair, chronic acne, floor-length leather jacket, large chin with a suspicious looking mop of ginger facial hair protruding alarmingly from it — like it might try and kiss you on the lips if you get too close. Really bloody annoying, too.

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