Zen and the art of pizza consumption

Because I know y’all are a bit curious, the following is what happens when Cas is left home alone in Meadow Towers and she decides to invite illyna and Neko over to drink wine, eat pizza, and generally have a gossip session.

Because I am more than a little bit drunk right now, any typos are going to remain because, well, I don’t care.

For the record, Cas is typing this because illyna is giving Stitch a hug and drinking wine, and Neko is making shoe sculptures and documenting the whole process with the digital camera.

Mr David Tennant was an integral part of the evening, as were wikis, pole dancing, tales of newts, people meeting people, blowing shit up (this was most important) and how to speed hair growth by lying upside down.

Pictures will be uploaded tomorrow because I’m not sure any of us can remember our Flickr sign-ins!

Oh, odd socks were also deemed to be important.

Neko is going to take over the typing now…

….and now Cas has the camera, which means I will be in pictures.

I’m not sure this should be allowed. illyna thinks it is all a bad idea (but is thrusting her chest out for photo’s of her t-shirt with its great quote) so I think she does not get to be the sensible one anymore. Hurrah. Fridge pictures are now starting. If I could remember how I’d link to my dads flickr page (search on ‘bebrowed‘). He has a whole series of fridge-light pictures. I think I’m about to go steal the camera to make an ‘homage’…. illy! I demand the camera!

illyna- you type. Oh, Cas is being pictured with Stitch. Who has given up his coveting of the shoes and has gone for hugs with Cas, the hussy. And lets not forget Mr David Tennant, who we ARE going to watch, honest, once we are done being silly…

illy isn’t witty enough to type right now. I keep plying her with wine, but, well, it’s not working. I feel sad 🙁 And now Neko is doing strange yoga on the floor and I really think it is time I stopped live blogging my evening and started watching David Tennant some more.

But how cool is it that I have friends who I can live blog an evening with!

(The shoes are now going in assorted household appliances. It really is time to reclaim my camera…)

9 thoughts on “Zen and the art of pizza consumption

  1. No pictures necessary. The mental images are far too priceless.

    The shoes are now going in assorted household appliances.

    *points* Especially with lines like that one!

    Glad you’re having fun (and presumably) feeling better! 😀

  2. Did you find them yet?


    Wasn’t us. It was the penguins, honest. Me and illnya, we saw ’em do it.


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  4. I demand the photo’s…. If you don’t to claim responsibility for them, I’ll post them to flickr instead and save your reputation, but I think the world needs to see the shoe/appliance fest. And the fridge light homage….

  5. peroty – there will be pictures, but you’re free not to look at them. To be true, I’m sure whatever you’re imagining has to be a thousand times better!

    Neko – there will be pictures, but most likely tomorrow now. Patience, little one!

  6. Bloody hell! I go away for a few days and look what happens. Poor Stitch is corrupted, shoes are stolen by penguins… I don’t think I even want to know what else happened.

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