Sunday Roast: I’m no angel

Yes, I’m back.
No, there hasn’t been a Roast for the last couple of weeks?
No reason, I just didn’t feel like it. I refuse to apologize, but yes, I do feel a little guilty. Damn how the internet has wiggled it’s way into my life!

Consequently, this does mean that I’ve been collecting stuff for the Roast for the past three weeks – some of it is going to be a little bit behind the curve. For this reason, and because there were 35 articles which I really didn’t have the energy to go through again, I’ve cut 99% of the news from this Roast. I think you’ll agree there’s enough else to read without them! is a blog I subscribed to on the basis of recommendation and I’m glad I did – this article on the sustainability of the archive is well worth a read. The arguments made are pertinent to all fields, not just publishing.

This animated T.Rex model, whilst gleefully archaeologically inaccurate, is just so much fun 😀

I had something witty to say about Matthew asking you to listen to him, not Jakob Nielsen (witty things in support of his article I should say), but I must be suffering more from the affects of last night than I thought, because I can’t locate the funny.

I’m sorry, but my twitter bits are staying 😛 In all seriousness, I like the microblog effect that I get when all my tweets are integrated with blog bits and pictures.

I have fond/cringe-worthy memories of the time I turned round to an American classmate in secondary school and asked him if he had a rubber I could borrow…

I know there’s been some speculation on teh interwebs as to Moose’s identity. Well, I can now reveal all.

Welcome to Greenham – this one’s for Neko (warning, it is flash heavy).

Chip Cullen and his theory on Harry Potter

Rarely has a post made me want to reach for old anthropology books and check things half remembered from Dr Sinclair’s first year lectures, but Tara on gift economies made my spidy senses tingle some.

Like MOO cards? Love StickerBooks

So what if the entire page is in Japanese, I’ve found my watch!

Treasures of calligraphy

I’ve no idea how I came across this, but this penguin is so cute! An even (sort of) practical!

A fair few movie trailers have come out lately and made me go Hmmm…
The Jane Austen Book Club
The Ten
Vantage Point
Goya’s Ghosts
In the Shadow of the Moon
Feast of Love
The Darjeeling Limited
Lust, Caution

And to finish, as Moose said when she emailed me the link: I so want this to be true!

9 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: I’m no angel

  1. Sorry Matthew. The Wit was drowned in a couple bottles of fine white wine last night. The most I can scrape together today is mild sarcasm, and no one deserves to be on the receiving end of that, least of all you.

    Welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments however (I’m pretty certain I haven’t seen you lurking around here before) 🙂

    Nils – yes, the weekend was very fun packed and silly seems like an appropriate adjective. One of those nights that I think when described to others won’t be very funny at all, but we had fun 🙂

  2. Anne – you’ve not got Moo cards already? :O

    Abi – I’ll admit to a small lump in the throat. And a big grrr at all the subsequent administrations who’ve said space exploration isn’t important.

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