7 thoughts on “Plain Wikis

  1. Nice video. I’ve struggled explaining wikis to some people in the past, so perhaps I’ll hoard this video for later. I was, however, let down that it wasn’t narrated by you. 😛 BrightCast has been out of service for how long again? 😉

    By the way, did you get my email? 😛

  2. Josh – A video. Narrated by me. Hell will have to turn into a winter sports resort first 😛

    Yes I got your email. And yeah, I’d noticed the BrightCast has been out of commission for a while. Ideas please?

    peroty – see my response to Josh about the unlikelyhood of me EVER narrating a video (is unlikelyhood a word? Well, it is now!)

  3. Bah. You could narrate a video. 😛

    Hmm. BrightCast ideas… hm. I’ll have to think on that one a bit.

    And also, regarding the word unlikelyhood – yes, it is a word, except you misspelled it. It’s actually spelled unlikelihood, and has been around quite a while – the first date that the OED cites it from is 1483.

    And I know, I know. That’s more about the unlikelihood you ever wanted to know, but well… what can I say? 🙂 I like words.

  4. Ah, ok. I thought it was a word, but at the same time I’ve pretty much been thinking I was on the plant Zog all day, so I wanted to check.

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