Sunday Roast: don’t touch the clipboard!

You know those weeks where you’ve been frantically busy all week but when you look back you can’t pick out a single thing you’ve done? I’ve had one of those weeks. I did go out for a night of debauchery and cavorting to celebrate the Divine M’s birthday, which was fun, but didn’t lead to anything blog-worthy (other than the ever-constant wonder why all the best ones are taken).

So I really have nothing else to say before I start you in on the roast.

The Thai police force have come up with a novel way to punish their rule-breaking officers.

A new tool is being developed to help you fix your holiday snaps – unsightly fat mounds of roasting tourist blubber spoiling your shot of the pristine golden sands? Worry no more. Also props to the researcher for getting the phrase “semantic scene data” into the interview.

Trust the Japanese to come up with video conferencing for the shy.

In London between September 13th and March 2008? Pop into the British Museum to see the Terracotta Army.

Once again, William Gibson was ahead of the curve – invisible art. How very Spook Country.

There are times I just don’t need to add anything to a link other than point you at it and suggest you sit there and marvel at the idiocy that is mankind. The Banana Bunker is one such link.

I love me some Gnocchi, but Waitrose doesn’t always it in store ( 🙁 ) so my thanks to Abi for this Potato Gnocchi recipe. Tasty.

Like books? Blog a Penguin.

I could go into a long rant about the debacle that is the A303 and Stonehenge, but I won’t. It’s much easier if I just point you towards what Paul has to say on the matter.

And lastly before I go and make a start, once again, on the Never Ending Quilt for my beloved Aged P, two movie trailers for you:
Lars and the Real Girl
Dan in Real Life

8 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: don’t touch the clipboard!

  1. Hello, Cas! So my roommate has seen Lars and the Real Girl in a screening and she did enjoy it very much. She mentioned it was “very funny.” (Pssst…she has a thing for Ryan Gosling.) 😉

  2. I’m blogging a Penguin Classic… Too bad you can’t choose; my book is: The Face of Another. I haven’t received it yet, but am looking forward to it.

  3. Hello Esther! Thanks for the tip (and who doesn’t like Ryan Gosling 😉 )

    Renee – I’m going to be blogging Billy Budd And Other Stories which is a totally new book for me so I’m really looking forward to it 😀

  4. Hi Cas

    a few comments to make..
    1. I don’t get the photo snap thing. why cant the photographer just.. Move to the other side of the obstruction? ALTHOUGH.. if I had a photo of somewhere nice with someone in the foreground I could remove them I guess and get only the landscape shot. Okay I get it now. :^)
    2. Lars and the real girl looks great!
    3. Thanks for the heads up about the terracotta army.

  5. Hi Steve 🙂 (and if I haven’t said so already, welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments btw) – re the photos, don’t forget you can’t always control the people in the shot. Time and time again, I can think of photos ruined by random strangers walking through them. It could be quite nice to just zap them away at the flick of a button.

  6. Wooo, I am faaaaamous! Yes, all of those vowels were necessary.

    As an English person, how do you feel about ‘Becoming Jane’?

  7. You’re more than worth the fame Abi 🙂

    And I enjoyed ‘Becoming Jane’. I’m not sure how faithful it is as a biopic of Austen’s life, but it was a fun film that I don’t regret seeing.

  8. You can always ask the staff at Waitrose to put some Gnocchi aside for you, if you give them a quick ring and they have it in stock. 🙂

    Alternately, you can see if Ocado ( deliver in your area (they’ve been expanding for a while, so I no longer know their delivery areas).

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