Do not adjust your set…

Hi all, Neko here.

I’m babysitting the blog for a few days whilst our illustrious leader is away from broadband 🙂

This is really just to make sure the editing permissions are working OK, and to give you all fair warning!

Cas said I should introduce myself… I guess the best thing is to head over to my blog on the link above, that should give you some idea. I’m a fellow computing/ archaeology nut- I met Cas at uni, and we are frequent co-conspiritors of late, on diverse matters.

I don’t share her obsession with penguins, but it does not wierd me out! I might even try to write you all a roast on Sunday, there are some things that have caught me in the news….

I’m mainly going to moderate comments and zap spam though, so please just carry on as normal!

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