Sunday Roast: not many women can pull off a beard

So I’ve just spent 15 minutes writing a post to explain why I won’t be writing a Roast this weekend and all of a sudden I find myself writing a Roast. Indecisiveness, your name is Cas.

Why wasn’t I going to write a Roast this week? Because they take a long time to write and require more than a fair bit of mental energy and humour, neither of which I exactly have in abundance after this past week. Why has it been a shitty, evil, nasty weird week? It just has. I’ve been feeling down for a couple of reasons that are too long and depressing to go into at the moment, and then some other nasty personal shit dropped on my head from a high height on Monday evening and… I’m sure I will tell you all about it some day but right now I can only just skate over the surface of it before bursting into tears (as my boss will testify after an unadvised “Cas, are you OK?” comment on Tuesday). I want to be able to write it out because that’s my outlet, however as it stands it’s all still too fresh and… *struggles for the word* Ughy to really even contemplate going in to.

So why have I decided to write the Roast after all if all of the above still stands true (and it does)? Well, for a couple of reasons. I’ve said it before and no doubt I’ll say it again, but I like having people read Bright Meadow and comment. It’s got to the point that people come to the site expressly for the Sunday Roasts and they get disappointed/annoyed with me if they don’t find one, and I can’t cope with any more people being disappointed/annoyed with me right now. Then of course there is the fact that my writing mojo has recently taking an inexplicable detour and is currently leaning more to non-blog stuff – at least with regular Sunday Roasts there’s still content for y’all to read any my slightly more erratic post schedule maintains some structure.

And lastly there’s the fact that I keep finding this stuff I want to tell people about!

So I sit here at the dining room table on a Sunday afternoon, armed with a pot of Assam tea and a list of links as long as a very short person’s arm, and I write the Roast. By sticking to the routine I shall make my way through this, evil step-grandparents be damned! It’s that or dive into another bottle of mediocre rose and I’ve drunk more than enough this week thank you very much!

A new study shows that too little sleep doubles the risk of heart disease. It also says that too much sleep isn’t good for you but I shall choose to ignore that. I normally get around seven hours a night during the week. The fact that I then habitually dormouse my way through the weekend is irrelevant, or rather more to do with my history of ME and the fact I genuinely need more sleep if I’m to keep functioning. But anyway – science has proven that your mother was right: the best medicine is a good nights sleep 😛

I love it when Micro$oft makes a frack up on this scale.

Who’d have thunk that an Eastenders actress could actually act? But it turns out this one can (at least now she’s no longer in Eastenders). I will admit to looking forward to this when it comes to the UK next year – if only because David Eick is behind it and we’ve got so totally hooked on BSG that Moose and myself nearly had a nock-down, drag-out brawl over the ending of Season 3 last night. Well, our voices got a little raised at any rate 😉

The Tories want responsibility for out-of-hours GP services transfered back to GPs. I’m in a conflict about this as a shit GP-controlled out-of-hours service landed me in hospital strung out on morphine, whilst a shit PCT-controlled out-of-hours service landed me in hospital strung out on morphine…

For my mum – a daring Bear rescue

I’ve loved, adored and worshipped Stephen Fry since the days of Jeeves & Wooster. Not only is the man insanely funny (if you haven’t watched QI yet, do so), he is fiendishly intelligent and… well, didn’t I pretty much cover it with ‘loved, adored and worshipped’? So it gives me more than a little pleasure to introduce his blog.

Another thing I’ve long been a fan of is Terry Pratchett. I can’t remember when I first got my mitts on a book, but I think I have Tim DeCamp, Edgarley School and a debate team where the topic was ‘dragons’ to thank… So I’ve read all the books cover to cover more than is probably healthy. I have my favourite characters and stories but I am always at something of a loss with where to start people off if they are new to the books (because, all agree, “Colour of Magic” and “Light Fantastic” aren’t the best of the bunch). So here’s a handy reading guide to the collection.

Abi told me off the other week for not including enough movie trailers. Sorry Abi 🙁 Because I dare not incur the wrath again,
Atonement – I’ve seen this and it is damn good with a glorious sound track, beautiful cinematography, and amazing acting. If you haven’t seen it already, do so. Now.
Grace is Gone – John Cusack. Need I say more?

And with that done for another week, I am going to curl up and watch some Black Adder to cheer myself up. Followed by some SG:1 Season 4. And maybe even a fairy cake. Mmmm, fairy cakes… (Worry not, all isn’t actually as bad as the first half of this post makes out. I’m just drama-queening it because it’s nice to moan occasionally. I’m not going to jump off a bridge or anything, just feel a little sorry for myself 🙂 )

10 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: not many women can pull off a beard

  1. the debate wasn’t that heated… I was merely pointing out that the ending to BSG season 3 throws up a whole load of questions that make your head hurt to think about.

  2. Depression Sucks. I know.

    I’d not come across the Pratchett guide before – it’s useful even for seasoned fans like myself to have a quick reference sometimes! Thanks!

    One other point – the 3 boxes above the comment form aren’t labelled as to what they’re for – it tells me to enter a valid email address – but I don’t know where to put it. Oh well, time for some trial and error…

  3. I never managed to get into Pratchett, but with that guide, I’m sorely tempted to have a try! 😀

    I’m with you on the out of hours thing Cas – I made 16 visits to A&E spread across 18 months (as well as numerous visits to my GP during surgery hours!!), to be told I didn’t have stomach ulcers, or IBS. I did in fact have gallstones, which, I must add, we told the staff in A&E during every visit!.

    Due to another failure of the NHS to provide adequate long term health services to the masses (I won’t go into finer details), I lost my father 11 months ago to the day.
    Sorry to bring the usual upbeat comments down a touch, I’m 22, and can totally relate to losing a parent. I personally found the trailer for Grace is Gone to be extraordinarily powerful and moving.

    As Tom said, depression sucks (he’s right) …

    So, I say chin up (even though I don’t know what’s getting you down :() … things could be worse … your name could be Norman 😛

  4. Do you want another hug? *hug*

    I don’t like my Cas all sad. We will do tea, and biscuits, and if you’re good possibly a beard.


  5. I could indeed be called Norman! Thank you for that reality check jinx 🙂

    I shall just set all your minds at rest – I’m not depressed. I’ve been properly depressed a time-or-three in the past and this isn’t it. This is a case of me feeling all bleck at the world, sorry for myself, hormonal, and in need of a swift kick up the arse to get me going (or something nice happening like the EDLO asking me out on a date… What? It could happen! 😉 )

    That being said, keep the love and hugs coming, and illy, I can’t wait on that beard. *hugs* to the lot of you for caring 🙂

    Oh, and Tom – I’m sorry for the poor comment form design. Hopefully it shall all be set to rights very shortly (I can say no more or else I will loose my mysterious edge 😉 )

  6. 1. Hah at Microsoft. I love that.
    2. Season FOUR of Stargate?! Cripes, I’m way behind now. Just been too busy to regularly watch much of anything lately. I’d honestly forgotten about watching it; guess I’ll get back to it. I think I’m still hovering around the beginning of season 2.
    3. Everytime you mention BSG in your posts, my stomach gives a bit of a lurch. The end is near! I don’t bloody WANT it to end. Certainly, I have many past seasons of SG1 to watch, but SG1 != BSG. Sigh.

  7. Josh – I’m the same. I can deal with SG:1 coming to an end. I enjoy it, but I’m not as hooked as I am on BSG. However, I can see that it has to end and I’d actually rather it *did* instead of just dragging on endlessly.

    Ol’Surly – ditto on the catching up (you might be better snaffling me on email, facebook or good old phone though, I haven’t been on IM in an age :S )

  8. Well after my marathon through all the Harry Potter’s (finished and over all have to say 4 and 5 my favourites) I have started a week ago a new challenge of reading the entire Prachett collection – the downside is starting with colour of magic. I seem to be going through this marathon challenge setting reading phase lol.

  9. You might need a break mid Pratchett Tam, because that’s a lot of books! I’m like you though. If there’s a series of books, I have to read (and preferably own) the entire series. Which means I get very annoyed when publishers decide to change the cover styles halfway through a series!

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