Saturday Snack – Just call me Switzerland!

Yes, it’s Moose again. Cas is off bear hunting this weekend in the wilds of Bedfordshire; I’m sure she’ll tell you all about it when she gets back. This has left me in charge of the meadow for a couple of days (the power, the power!). As she might not be back in time to dish up a roast tomorrow I thought I’d treat you to a little snack.

Boy survives two hour flight to Moscow hanging on to plane wing. It may be a cheap way to fly, but you’ve got to be pretty desparate to try it.

In London this week burning chillis sparked a terrorist alert. Is it comforting that people are so aware of terrorism that they are alert, or worrying that we live in such a climate of fear that people panic when they smell something they don’t recognise?

Spoiler alert – Don’t click on this link unless you’ve seen the film Serenity. There’s a rumour that there might be a Serenity sequel.

And finally, especially for Abi, some trailers that have caught my eye this week.
Sweeney Todd – Mmmmm, Johnny Depp. (though I was having a few technical difficulties getting it to play – not sure if that was the site or my pc)
Southland Tales – starts off normal then quickly moves into ‘what the…?’ territory.
Youth Without Youth – no, I don’t understand it either, but I’m intrigued.
Be Kind Rewind – Jack Black and Mos Def making their own versions of popular films.
No Country for Old Men – the Coen brothers. Nothing more to say.

Oh, and the title? Apparently that’s my role in the office.

9 thoughts on “Saturday Snack – Just call me Switzerland!

  1. Hello Moose then. Well, well, Cas is off galivanting in the country, eh? She’ll prolly run into more beer than bear, but okay.

    I just had to pop in and say that I’m very excited about the Sweeney Todd – not because of Depp (and not because of Bonham Carter much either, she looks weird) – but because of the Burton-Sondheim tandem. Give me a crazy musical adaptation and I’m good.

    Youth without Youth does look intriguing. From the IMDb plot outline:

    Set in Europe before WWII, a timid professor is changed by a cataclysmic event and explores the mysteries of life.

    Oh, okay, I see now…

  2. When I was 12 I was in a youth theatre group (I joined to annoy my brother, as I think I’ve mentioned before) and we did a production of Sweeney Todd. So I’m looking forward to it because I have fond memories of it. Plus, Tim Burton let loose on a dark comic story is always good.

    To be fair, Helena Bonham Carter has looked weird for years.

  3. Thanks for the previews. I just moved across the US and aside from work (and blogging) have absolutely nothing to do. Now I can plan my holidays around Johnny Depp.

  4. Nils – yes, I was gallivanting, but alas I was feeling too crook to partake in the beer. We genuinely were off on a hunt for bears! OK, so to be fair we knew where the bears were going to be (in the enclosure at the zoo), but it was still an exciting trip!

    And yes, every time I look at Helena Bonham Carter I just want to hand her a comb!

    Abi – Johnny Depp planned holidays are always good 😉

  5. Bears in the zoo aren’t as much fun as bears in the mountains. Unless you happen to visit the zoo at just the right time. Or work there. I wish I worked at a zoo. 🙁 Anyways, hello everybody! Just dropped in to wave at those who remember me and perplex those who have no clue who I am. The second option tends to be the most common choice.

    And concerning movies. Ironman! 30 Days of Night! Too many movies not enough money. Or time. Oh! Cas, I need you to e-mail me because I have news that I’m sure you’d like to know, but I fear that I may have lost your addy. mine’s jason(dot)demeter(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. Great merciful Scot! It’s the Were Teddy! Welcome back out of the dark woods of lurkerdom sweetheart 🙂

    And email on it’s way. I’m all intrigued now…

  7. E-mail responded to. You should probably be sitting down when you read it. And I do fully blame the news for my lack of existence for the past year-ish. Sorry for not sharing it with you sooner.

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