Sunday Roast: responsible people don’t go around getting their nipples twisted

I am writing this roast slowly and gingerly because the sound of the keyboard keys clicking is sending winces of pain through my eyeballs. It’s been a while since I’ve properly been out to play, so when Neko’s not-spouse-creature decided to celebrate his birthday in fine style down the Hobbit followed by the Dungeon, who was I to turn down an invitation? On went the nice new black jeans which were even nicer considering they were technically free and the requisite low-cut top. Out came the much beloved New Rock biker boots, and on went the ‘love me’ makeup. And Cas went out to play.

Any evening that involves drinking mysterious green and blue drinks, incestuous vampires, dancing bananas and vampire cheerleaders has got to be good.

Just, it’s been a while since I had such an evening and now I’m feeling… fragile. So I’m roasting slowly and finding it hard to access my usual vein of wit and sarcasm when describing the links. You want someone to blame for a sub-standard Roast? Blame the people who were plying me with green drinks all night. There were going to be more items from today, but Safari took an exception to one of the sites I was opening and kept crashing out, closing a gazillion tabs with it. I have no earthly desire to go back through my history and open each one individually so 😛 to todays articles. They weren’t that good anyway. This week it seems that the roast is comprised almost entirely of articles from the Guardian and movie news. You’d think that from a daily reading of around 150 sites (not including news), I’d have more to share. Apparently not today. Go figure.

I do love that bloggers added over 50 terms for drunk to standard euphemisms used today. If I wasn’t feeling so worse-for-wear myself, I’d be being creative myself.

Think as blog-owner you’re not responsible for the comments left on your blog? Think again.

The sheer delight of Eddie Izzard enacted in Lego.

The time of the microfiche is truly nearing it’s end.

Continuing my renewed love affair with Stephen Fry, he’s now writing for the Guardian. Knew there was a reason I plugged their RSS feed into my reader…

The Lone Ranger is to be a movie? Nothing else to say really other than Hi ho Silver, away!.

With the movies this week there were loads of great trailers – indy movies, documentaries, thrillers… I tried to link to them but somehow, in my hungover state, I can only appreciate the fluffy:
27 Dresses

And with that I am going to go back to the sofa, eat some more toast (for some reason toast is the only thing making me feel better), and watch Smallville whilst waiting for the pumpkin and honey loaf that Moose is baking to come out of the oven. Mmmmmmmm, pumpkin loaf…

5 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: responsible people don’t go around getting their nipples twisted

  1. It’s lack of practice. You just need to come out and dance all night more often! It was sooo good to see you out last night! The not-spouse had fun too 🙂 Wristcutters sounds very very cool.

    I’m impressed that you are blogging with such an epic hangover! I have trouble even when on top form- mine is somewhat neglected at the moment.

    People, I can vouch for the dancing bananas, the vampire cheerleader and the incestuous vampires too. I can also add Mike and Sully from Monster’s inc (the mike costume was genius!), some cave girls (zombified) and at least one normal zombie. Halloween at the Dinge, gotta love it. Especially six people in banana costumes moshing to ‘Killing in the name of’. Life does not get much more surreal.

  2. Aghghafsagh! Wristcutters was one of the previews I watched when I thought that I could go and do it on my own.

    In regard to the end of microfiche, let me just say “Welcome, findability!” Though, if the apocalypse occurs, then future civilizations could learn a lot from microfiche. That’s the rub.

  3. If the apocalypse occurs microfiche and microfilm will probably be the first to go, they’re highly flamable!

    Sorry, this is the bitter academic in me talking. If you’ve spent as many hours in libraries in front of the microfiche/film reader as I have you will understand. 😀

  4. Sorry Abi. Perhaps I should send you a list of the trailers I’m going to include in advance so you don’t double up?

    And as for microfiche, the lastest related debacle. One could almost feel sorry for the poor media, it is so reviled.

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