Sunday Roast: I like to pretend I’m a minimalist

So after last weeks blissful holiday, how did this week go? Um, not quite so blissfully if I’m being honest. You know every now and again you have one of those days. Now, imagine a whole week made up of those days, and you will have a pretty good idea of how pancake-flat I felt by the end of the week. But then we all had tea and cookies and a good gossip yesterday, so now I feel all 🙂 once more. Almost ready for next week. Almost…

Not just interested in jam and Jerusalem, the WI are calling for legalised brothels.

Bill Thompson’s latest column made me prick my ears up, not because of the warning about a viable Mac trojan (though that’s important too), but because of its call for better media literacy tuition in schools. This fits with a few other things I’ve been reading lately that are starting to tickle the back of my brain with interest.

A Japanese study has shown that children will bond with robot playmates. I guess it’s good to see proven something Asimov wrote about half a century ago, but at the same time it’s mildly concerning me. Why should these children have to bond with a robot? I’m also intrigued as to how the changes affect them over a longer period. Only in Japan I guess.

I’m not sure anyone with a full helping of common sense believes that automatic translators like Babel Fish are really reliable, but clearly diplomats don’t have a full helping of common sense.

Apparently, there are around four million UK bloggers. Guess I should be honoured that I was chosen as the joint-ninth then?

What’s your favourite flavor of death?

I’m not sure it’s exactly RSI friendly, but hot damn this steampunk laptop is gorgeous!

Want to know what to get me for Christmas? I wouldn’t say no to one of these Inka Pens (via David Seah‘s very persuasive review).

I just found out one of my pictures made it into Flickr Explore! So it made it on to page 20, but still 😛 I’m trying not to be miffed that it was a quick five second snap to show of my tattoo that made it into Explore as opposed to some of the other shots I worry hours over, but never mind. It’s a pretty tattoo and deserves to be shared.

Talking of pretty tattoos, I’m trying very hard not to be inspired by some of these designs

Like postcards? Love MOO postcards (though why a UK based company automatically presents all it’s prices in dollars is confusing, and annoying, me).

I’m reaching the point where I’m scouring charity shops for good/trashy books to read. I always want to read more, never seem to make it to the library, and have to really love a book before I’ll shell out full price in Waterstones – so these 17 ways to get free books could come in very handy.

Only one trailer this week, but it is a good one – the full trailer for I Am Legend. Now, I’ve read and loved the book, so I’m eager/anxious about the movie. I’m really not sure how the book ending is going to translate to a Hollywood ending, so I’m preparing myself for a favourite to get butchered. But I will admit that the full length trailer is getting the tingles flowing.

And now, if you will excuse me, I am off to brave the weather to buy some groceries. And then do the washing up. Oh, I do have fun-filled weekends, don’t I? I just know that on Monday the EDLO is going to be full of tales of his action packed weekend, whilst I’m going to be “um, well, I had tea and cookies and slept a lot and watched lots of Bones… And went to Waitrose…” Yes, somewhere along the way I seem to have lost the party-animal Cas. I need to find her again.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: I like to pretend I’m a minimalist

  1. Congrats on making it into Flickr Explore!

    I love MOO, I recently got MOO business cards, a hundred different ones. Networking and swapping business cards suddenly got more fun! I am definitely going to order postcards next time.

  2. Thanks for the mention, and I’m pleased to see you realised that the piece was really about media literacy and not just about macs 🙂 I had some interesting responses from teachers who are trying to do good things but they tend to be outside the curriculum, and I think that change will only come if we get pressure on Ed Balls and his department.

    MOO cards are excellent – I use them for lots of things – though since I know Stefan Magdalinski their CTO I suppose I should declare an interest!

    Look forward to reading more of your stuff


  3. Anne – I am totally with you on being a MOO card fan. I’ve got a batch as well. They are just so much cuter than standard business cards. I’ve been at events where people were swapping the cards to make sure they had the best looking ones from a batch (I’m starting to regret I didn’t get more penguin ones made as they are, bizarrely, the favourites!)

    Bill – the mention was my pleasure. I do honestly have more to say on the subject than a one line “ooh, that’s interesting”, but like all the best ideas it needs to sit and stew in my brain a little bit more before I feel comfortable sharing. And welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments.

  4. The Moo products are very nice – whenever I meet Flickr people, there comes a point where the Moo cards are flying round being exchanged. They are just so nicely done. The postcards and cards look pretty nice too.

    I’ve been using Bookmooch for a while and I have a Book Crossing book that I need to dispose of somewhere nice (Rich Hall’s I Blame Society – which was very funny!).

    As for Explore, nobody really knows how it works which is the best way to stop people trying to game it. I’ve had similar experiences where the shots that get to be very popular aren’t the best and you think you ought to say “Ahem, excuse me, but don’t you think these are better?” – As much as finely crafted photographs do well, bung up a photo of a kitten with a ball of wall and you’ll get everyone looking at it! 😉

  5. You might have only been ‘voted’ joint ninth, but I think your blog had a LOT more going for it than some of the others (especially the ‘winner’) in the Weblog Awards.

  6. publicenergy – I have to admit I’m always a bit reluctant to try things till they are recommended to me, so I’ve held off from Bookmooch till now. But if you say they work, then I might give them a spin. And kitten pictures, check!

    Roland – thank you, and welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments 🙂

  7. You can’t trust the voting habits of the unwashed masses. I think making it into the top 10 is probably a bigger achievement that most people would appreciate, considering the level of ‘soul’ needed to really ‘get’ what you’e doing here.

    Then again, how many geeks looked at the top 10 and voted for the page with the cute girl in the header. I think we all know it’s more plausible than we’d like to believe…

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