Sunday Roast: this is not a Kindle review

After last week’s fairly mammoth Roast, this weeks is small but perfectly formed (like myself).

So I started writing the Roast and made the mistake of starting with the news that Amazon has released it’s Kindle book reader. I got more than a little side tracked into a ten paragraph long rant about what I want from an digital book reader and realised that perhaps that is best left for a post all of its own. Something for y’all to look forward too.

My certificate from Edexcel arrived yesterday to formally prove that I got an A in both my English AS and English A level this summer. Go me. But it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that A-levels are going to be scrutinised for being too easy. No one should be able to get 100% in an exam, even me!

I’m guilty of it myself – thinking that because I have an internet connection and a handful of people read my blog, that I am a ‘writer’ (I do try to disabuse myself of the illusion on a regular basis, but somehow it keeps creeping back in) – RU Sirius asks is the Net good for Writers? by interviewing 10 of them. It makes interesting reading.

Because you might have missed the link, squirreled away as it was in the comments on last week’s roast (and if there was ever a reason to read comments, it’s the knowledge that you might be missing out on more links), I bring you stuff about stuff, another mighty fine tumblr, this time from jeremyet.

It is about getting excited about connections, rather than nervous

So my review of a Penguin Classic is live. Go comment 🙂

I don’t care how bad Van Helsing was – any sequel that has James Purefoy looking this dark and brooding has got to be good.

Cloverfield – looking good.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: this is not a Kindle review

  1. Cloverfield looks awesome. Blair Witch meets 28 Days Later meets Godzilla. Yummie.

    … small but perfectly formed …

    Yummie too


    Looking forward to your ideas about the Kindle.

  2. Moose – I so nearly linked to that article last week as well!

    Nils – only for you would I sit through 13.56 minutes of Scoble ranting. He had a few points, and others I totally disagreed with, but the man is even more annoying in video form than in text!

  3. Thanks, I’m honoured. (What. Wait. I’m honoured because someone watches Scoble for me? Oh, well, beggars can’t be choosers, LOL).

    But yeah: it’s a lot of Scoble to take in. The man is very much… around. Imagine having someone like that for a neighbour. Suffocating.

    Be sure to get that post out then.

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