Sunday Roast: Mutant Ninja Walrus

This week we have a Moose flavoured roast for your delight. The reason? Cas felt like taking a break so last week she asked me to take over for a couple of weeks. She then tried to take it back, but I refused. The roast is mine, all mine! Mwah, ha, ha, ha! Anyhoo, I’ve been a busy little beaver all week collecting titbits for your amusement. You’ll notice a distinct difference – I don’t do tech stuff. Twitter is something little birdies do as far as I am concerned. You’ll also notice that most of my stories come from the BBC. I know I should try and get a more varied view on life, but meh.

In a couple of months time it will be one of my favourite events of the year – the Eurovision Song Contest. A time when we get to mock our European cousins for their taste in music and fashion, as they mock us for ours. Apparently, the Irish have chosen a puppet called Dustin the Turkey for their entry this year.

The Vatican is going to make it harder to become a saint. I’m curious, if the criteria changes what happens to all the current saints? Do they become saintlets?

British and American scientists have uncovered the fossil of a giant frog in Madagascar. They have named it the frog from hell, which I personally feel is a bit mean. How do they know it was a nasty frog? Just because it shares some similarities with the modern day horned toad, doesn’t mean it acted like one. It might have been a gentle giant. I think they may be jumping to conclusions based on it’s size, which is discrimination. I’d report this to the Commission for Froggy Rights (CFR), if we had one.

But while we don’t have a CFR, we do have a British Toilet Association. Is any other country in the world as obsessed with public toilets as we are? The government is currently proposing a scheme where businesses allow non-customers to use their toilets, to help with the shortfall of public facilities. There’s no real point to linking to this story, I just like that we have a British Toilet Association, and that the scheme in Westminster is called ‘SatLav’.

A little game to test your geography. This has had me enthralled for the past week. I can find most of the European ones, don’t do too badly on the Americas (except for the Caribbean), need a bit of work on Asia, but am completely useless when it comes to Africa.

Tate & Lyle, a major British company, is switching all it’s sugar production to Fairtrade over the next few years.

David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party in the UK, has made a bit of a booboo. He referred to the UK government sponsoring students to go to Auschwitz on educational trips as a gimmick. Silly boy. Such a rookie mistake. Everyone knows that you can’t criticise something to do with the learning about the Holocaust without major (justified) backlash.

Argentinian teenager gives brith to triplets, again
. She’s 16 years old and now has 7 children in total. Wow.

Especially for Abi, as many trailers as I could find.
Indy IV – I can’t believe Cas didn’t link to this last week!
CJ7 – like Flubber with hair.
The Happening – the lastest from M. Night whatisface. Looks good, as his trailers usually do. Warning for Firefox users, this kept crashing my browser. Could just be me, but I can only view it in IE.
Smart People – oh those crazy messed up academics, eh.
Redbelt – not something I would normally go for, but it does have Chiwetel Ejiofor who is a very good actor, and not bad eye candy either.
Street Kings – one word, Keanu.

And finally, a plea to the Great British public – please, please stop voting for Greg and Linda on Dancing on Ice! They are not up to the standard and shouldn’t be in the competition any more. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Mutant Ninja Walrus

  1. Poor giant frog! Perhaps they should rename it the Uberfrog! Not sure I want to know what kind of large creatures it ate though..! Oh god… now I have mental images of Uberfrogspawn… yuck!

    I can’t believe we have a British Toilet Association. I don’t think I can even make a comment further than just plain old disbelief. This country really boggles me sometimes, it really does.

    But yaaaaaay for Indy! I feel like I’ve been waiting my entire life for another Indy movie! Glee!

  2. LOL at saintlets, that’s all I have to say. Other than great Roast Moose 🙂 It was nice to wake up this morning/afternoon and be able to laze in bed content in the knowledge that the Roast was safe in your capable hands.

    Last night I might have drunkenly given it to Neko for next week. I’m not sure. I’ll have to check… 😕

    Dustin the Turkey… Oh. My. Dear. and Fluffy. Lord.
    And you know it will still get more than our offering!

    CJ7 just looks so cute!

    And I might be persuaded to overcome my distaste for M. Night. What-sit for The Happening. The trailer is intriguing me if nothing else.

  3. Swan – the fact that we have a BTA is unbelieveable, in a totally believeable way. And I agree, yea for Indy!

    Neko – Cas gave away next week’s roast just hours after telling me that I was definitely writing it! But I look forward to seeing the fruition of your evil plans. 😈
    Cas needs to work on her memory skills I think. Perhaps one of those Brain Training DS thingiemebobbins.

  4. Hi Moose! I should have taken a photo of my shining eyes. Am holding off on watching trailers until I have a really bum day, which I estimate will be Wednesday.

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