Wednesday Waffles: There are no excuses…

… for my lateness, but there are sometimes reasons… not least a trip to Portsmouth and then Brighton for leap-year parties and then a stag do for a very very good friend of mine. I did not return to Southampton until well past Sunday Roast time, then events took over me on Monday and Tuesday.

That and despite 2. 3 degrees I am a technological cretin and have not retained the knowledge of how to log in to Bright Meadow and upload this lovely effort. Which also means I have had to write it in a text editor, and revisit my third year computing course (which I have just realised was six years ago!!!!! Six years!!! WOW) to remember basic html tags, then wait till Cas got back to S’oton after a visit to the homestead so she can upload it for me, so sorry if it isn’t all pretty and several days overdue!

What I did remember/ find time to do was collect linkage to share with you all… and your beloved host, (who will return soon and save you from me I promise!) sent me some too…

I know that a lot of geeks read this blog, and I include myself in that. I’m guessing therefore that most of you already know about the passing of Gary Gygax… (for those not in the know, he co-wrote Dungeons and Dragons (the game, NOT the awful movie!!)). I’m not a huge D &D fan myself, but as the first roleplaying game it spawned the genre of hobby that is responsible for almost all of my non university/ school based friendships. I’m proud to be part of a community of worldwide geeks who produce witty and sweet tributes to their heroeslike these.

Fulnic found this: Cuddly Toy Web Hacker Taunts Met Police and posted it on his facebook, so I’m shamelessly stealing it for the roast waffles, including his comment- ‘love the part that says “badly-spelled message” – they obviously can’t read haxxor-speak. Noobs.’ Indeed.

No wonder I feel like a lump when I consider the women lots of my male friends drool over- not the unrealistic women in magazines, but the even less realistic women in comics! Why all female superheroes look the same

Yet more with the geekery I’m afraid, though this time found by a friend who does not (yet) frequent the meadow… Re: your brains is a very silly song, that a lot of very silly geeks have been making videos to… the WoW video is funny in it’s own right but you really have to listen to the words 😉

Random House are doing the right thing , about DRM as far as me, Cas and Cory Doctorow are concerned.. I’m going to watch this space and see if any of the other big players go the same way.

I’m with Randall- f@~k grapefruit. They are evil, and this particular web comic made me GLAN (giggle like a nutcase) in the PhD office at uni for ages, so much so that everyone looked at me like I was being even crazier than normal!

Cas has found Freakangels a webcomic by the truly gifted Mr Warren Ellis, who also has a great blog. I’m now addicted, I challenge you all not to be…

I think Taylor Kitsch is a bit too pretty to play Gambit – I mean, he should be a drawling rugged charmer from the bayou, right? Josh Holloway would have hit the spot just about right (Sawyer from Lost)…

The NYT has an article that warms my heart and confirms something I’ve felt to be true for a while- the internet is not just for boys. Lets hear it for the geeky girls!

Why 9rules is a nice place to be : memes like this.

And finally, just for Abi so she has some trailers to watch:

The Visitor – Perhaps a little ‘feel good’ and with a bit of a message for America, but looks like a good one to go and watch with the girls…

15 thoughts on “Wednesday Waffles: There are no excuses…

  1. In response to your waffle I will try to keep my post succint:

    RIP Mr Gygax, I will always remember Sunday afternoon sessions of D&D, my young teenage brain trying to get to grips with THAC0 while suppressing the urge to wait until my elf’s turn on watch, kill the other characters in their sleep, rob them and laugh mercilessly as I gain levels for their hard won gold. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve changed at all in the last 20 years.

  2. I can confirm that the geek world is in mourning for Mr Gygax the man who pretty much invented role playing is finally going to D.M at the great gaming table in the sky.

    Really intrigued by the Marvel BMI findings although I can’t say im shocked , although it was interesting to note that there was pretty much no representation in the 0>10 % BMI range … I guess it’s a small positive but a positive never the less.

    Well done by the way , ace job standing in the Cas

  3. I have to disagree – peaches are far more difficult and untastey than grapefruit. They are also evil. Grapefruit rules.

  4. Moose: Peaches are fuzzy. And therefore wrong. I like them once skinned, and only once skinned.

    Fulnic: You really really haven’t. I’ve met most of your alter-egos remember? :-p

    Kirbs: What would Wasp count as?

  5. Oh, and Cas, thanks for prettyfying the post and getting it up for me, even though it was really late. I hereby submit to death by 1,000 penguins…

  6. A valiant waffle, Ms. Neko 🙂

    Sad news about Mr. Gygax, truly the end of an era with his passing. I especially loved the Penny Arcade tribute though, it was full of fond and gentle wit.

    I got all excited when I heard Gambit was in the Wolverine movie (he’s always been my mutant crush!), and your pick of Josh Holloway to play him is dead on. I am sad to hear that he will be relegated to pretty-boy status… but who knows, maybe movie-awesomeness will redeem him. I pray so!

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  8. Neko – (~Warning … Warning entering extreme geek mode~) see it depends on which version of Wasp your talking about , In the normal marvel continuity Janet was originally portrayed as a spoiled ,shallow, self-centered, flighty heiress (Kinda the Paris Hilton of comic books) And due to being image obsessed would logically have a low BMI ,You could also argue that the Pym partical’s that give her , her powers would effect her BMI as they use the bodies energy reserves to allow size manipulation .

    If it’s the “Ultimate” wasp then firstly she is of Asian decent and its documented that she was servilely Bulimic before she became an avenger (Caused partially because of her abusive relationship with Hank Pym) and although she doesn’t use Pym Particals to shrink in this Universe , she is a mutant and therefore her abilities have to be powered somehow .

    But the obvious answer to what would Wasp count as is – Very small 😉

    Someone like ( D.C’s) Barbra “Oracle”Gordon would be a better example to hold up her character is wheelchair bound and paralyzed from the waistdown ( She was paralyzed in 1989 , before that she was Bat girl) but still having the same toned build as every other super heroine on the planet ( Tiny waist , large hips , large breasts , long legs)

    Sorry to geek out there , I think im better now
    (Goes off to get the smelling salts )

  9. According to IMDB Josh Holloway turned down the role of Gambit for X3

    And if not for D&D you would have never met me, nor I you 🙂

  10. Great roast Neko. Not delayed, just… maturing for a finer flavour 😉

    Swan – I have to agree. Gambit is my mutant/superhero crush too. He is the first cartoon character I can remember having a crush on. In fact, it might be nearer love. Perhaps my Rogue hair is my subtle siren call to any Gambit look-alikes out there…

    And Surly, you have a point. Not that I have ever actually played a game of D&D in my life, but online RP had to come from somewhere 😀

  11. I was on the WotC boards after 3rd Edition came out cause I had questions that needed answers. That lead to the D&DBVC threads on the D&D General Board (aka the “Generally Bored”), which lead to us being exiled to the Meta Board (“Meat Board”), which lead to us being exiled to the Castle of Fun board… then the consequent incursions on Terisia.

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