Sunday Roast – You can’t improve on MacGyver

This post is cross-posted with the alternate Bright Meadow whilst I resolve some server issues

There were a few moments this morning when I didn’t think I would get this Roast written. Settle back whilst I tell you the tale…

I woke up this morning at the ungodly hour of 8.30am – not actually that ungodly I will admit, till you take into consideration that as a rule I am never conscious before 10am at the weekends and, if I am, I make a concerted effort to go back to sleep. But for whatever reason, this morning I just couldn’t get back to sleep so I thought “Sod it! I’ll get up and write the Roast before lunchtime for a change!” Best intentions and all that, because I couldn’t log into Bright Meadow to post the bloody thing. Which kind of threw my morning for a loop! The mystery deepened when it became clear that you could still view the blog, but anything requiring a php script to be triggered (commenting, logging in…) was borked. I could still access the site via FTP but then folders kept randomly disappearing as I tried to edit them and…

You can probably imagine the swearing.

So I have reinstated BrightMeadow2 here at and I expect I will keep on this domain for a little bit till I can be satisfied that all is as it should be. If you read via RSS then I have been sneaky and automatically redirected you, so you don’t have to do ANYTHING to keep on reading the Meadowy-goodness. If you are a non-RSS reader (and I know there are lots of you), then adjust your bookmark to That is it. Keep reading and commenting as usual 🙂

(I will be cross-posting things on both blogs when/if I can gain access to to try and keep the archives in as much of synch as possible – keep commenting at though if you can. I’m going to take this as a sign that I really need to upgrade my WordPress install and get that new design sorted. We could be on for a little while!)

What have I been doing in the last few weeks whilst Moose and Neko kept things going with their roasts? Well, not much to be honest. I have had the two weeks off work as I had holiday that needed to be taken before the end of March and spent that time doing bugger all. Sleeping, getting a teeny bit of writing done but not as much as hoped for as my wrists are playing up, going back the Homestead for some TLC from my mum, reading LOTS (I lost count of the number of books I’ve read at about the 20 mark) and sleeping some more. Not blog-worthy I will admit, but total bliss and just what I needed in order to go back into work tomorrow to face the aftermath of the office move.

Oh yes, they moved office whilst I was on leave. Gibber. I’m bad enough when someone has used my desk when I am away – what am I going to be like when they’ve moved building without me?!!!!!??!!!

To keep my mind off that concern, let us on with the Roast. After-all, that is what we are all here for, isn’t it?

Glad to see that Moose and myself aren’t the only ones to go on Stargate marathons

And I complain about having too many books – this guy puts me to shame (and has the funkiest bookshelf in creation!)

It’s been a while since I linked to this blog and I think it’s time I remedied the situation. So many beautiful things to look at, not enough time!

So many questions posed by this small article. Lots to think about, not just the division between phones and cameras and what do we do with all this digital media to share it?

Perhaps in answer to my own question of how I find new books, I have just found out the publisher I am obsessed with has the first chapters of all their new novels for download. Free. Now I just need a way of reading them not on my laptop…

Can’t understand the fuss about Battlestar Galactica? Get the backstory in 8 minutes in this video. Worth it even for those of us who know/love the show as it has some great lines

Michael Chabon, author of the brilliant Kavallier & Clay, on Superheroes and their costumes

30 years of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Wow. And please Mr Fry, let us in on the secret of 42!

I wish my notebooks looked this good

Continuing the Flickr love, have a look at these aerial photographs. Breathtaking and mindbending and gorgeous.

And let us end with the traditional movie stuff for Abi (though she is at SXSW at the moment, lucky so-and-so, so doesn’t really deserve this 😛 )

Iron Man – now Moose isn’t overly impressed or excited by Iron Man. I’m not familiar with the comic at all, but this trailer just had me giggling with glee and impatient for the film. Admittedly because I adore Robert Downey Jr. but still, it does look rather fine!

Not a movie trailer, more an educational video: Zombies in plain English (this gets bonus points for making me giggle so hard, Moose had to come ask what was going on)

C’est tout for this first roast on Hope you enjoyed it and I hope you forgive me all the hassle with the servers!

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