Sunday Roast: Mars is a different timezone

Hello again dear things. Miss me? I’ve been hermiting and fighting off chronic insomnia this past week, hence all quiet on the blogging front. Still, I am back now with a bumper bag of links for y’all. Looking through the sheer number that have accumulated in various folders, I am going to split the roast. It is either that, or drown you in links and that way runs the risk of the good stuff getting missed. Plus, Safari keeps crashing under the strain.

So, today I shall post the non-news stuff and the videos (because Abi will come after me with a sharpened microwave meal if I miss them out). I shall post the news/more serious stuff later in the week, most likely on Wednesday. How does that sound to everyone?

This photo is called “dancing nancies“. Now, whilst I can’t help but think of the derogatory meanings of the word, it is a damn gorgeous picture.

FriendFeed or Twitter: you decide. Me, I like Twitter because it does what I want it to, and that is let me participate in the rumbling background noise or not, as the mood takes. The last few weeks especially it has been a godsend, keeping me “connected” with the people who care about me, but at one degree (unlike the blog) so I can step back from their concern when it all gets too much. I’m not making an argument that says FriendFeed can’t also let me do that, but… I guess I just prefer not to get everything aggregated into one place too much.

The other week I linked to that Emily Gould piece in the NYT magazine with a throw-away “have a think about this” comment. Heads wiser and more savvy than mine have since stepped up to the plate, especially Violet Blue in her reaction, living online (caution, NSFW blog)

Why Twitter? Because you get pithy words of wisdom from clever people: it’s not about features, but community

Never knew there were so many sushi recipes

2008 is the National Year of Reading. What are you doing?

Blog and save wildlife. Well, why not?

Sometimes the Old Testament got it right (explore the site for some other truly surreal bits taken from the Old Testament and reenacted in Lego)

A sensible solution to eBooks – now publishers, take note!

Point One. ‘Nuff said.

One thing my recent unexpected time off from work has shown me is that I really like to have my own desk space set up just so. They could tell you that at work already (I am very picky) but I have got extra neurotic lately. I don’t want to go back to work because my desk is so boring! Perhaps I can get some of these tips implemented?

I never thought hippos were cute, but just as I’ve managed to persuade Moose in the past three years that penguins are evil, she’s convinced me that hippos are cute.

And now the movies (and random video clips)…

City of Ember – I expect it is an adaptation of something I have never heard of, but it looks intriguing.

Tom’s video of the water at Chalice Well Gardens has the ability to make me feel monumentally homesick and totally at peace all at the same time. Wish I was back in those gardens right now – if you are ever in the area, do go, as it is one of the most tranquil places I know of.

Good at playing Snake on your mobile phone? Try it on a building

Tropic Thunder viral promo – well, it passed Moose’s giggle test

MUTO – a video that will probably cause me nightmares with its surrealism, but still, fascinating to watch

Boy A

The Women – corny, but still, you’ve got to give me some licence. I’m depressed you know 😉

And that is me done for the day. It only took three hours and a trip to get some pick’n’mix… As I said, expect the more serious current-events related portion of the roast during the week. Till we meet again, my chickadees.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: Mars is a different timezone

  1. how can you not love a creature that wallows? I’ve always wanted that yawning hippo from Indecent Proposal. Or failing that, Abby’s farting hippo from NCIS.

  2. Hola ma belle! 🙂
    Been a while since I’ve poked my head in here, I just don’t have much to say anymore, I’ve lost touch with much of the ‘online world’ I guess.

    You pointed out something about a picture of mine and that called me to action… :O

    Would you believe me if I said that I’ve never knew what exactly “Dancing Nancies” meant? I just looked it up on Urban Dictionary. I always just assumed it had a pleasant meaning… I’m changing the name a.s.a.p.

    Any suggestions?

  3. Moose – that hippo rocks!

    Jason – hola to you to, mon cher! It has been too long indeed since you stopped by. Naughty Jay 😛 As for suggestions, um, sorry, I’m drawing a blank. My skills at snappy names have never been great.

    Anyone else got anything to help Jay out?

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