Memeilicious times 7

Ah, memes, the answer to every uninspired bloggers prayers. It’s been a while since I was tagged and even longer since I saw a meme I actually thought I’d waste time and valuable post-inches on, but when Edrei asked, how could I refuse?

Here we are then. Seven random things about me. Since have been writing here at Bright Meadow for a good few years now, I expect at least a few of these will be know to a few of you, but 😛 You try and be original for five straight years. I am not that interesting!

1) I have a really bad habit of developing crushes on the people I work with. It doesn’t help that my bosses seem to have taken me seriously when I suggested the way to make me stay was to hire more personable young men… We’re at four EDLO’s and counting now! At least they are all firmly in committed relationships – I can safely lust from afar and apply for new jobs with a clean conscience.

2) I can’t listen to music at the moment. I have kept going with pretty much every other daily activity lately to some degree, but right now, I can’t listen to music. Even just a few bars plugs deep into my brain and turns the depression/panic dial up to 500% No rhyme or reason, but right now, music = deep, dark pit of despair. So no iPod on long bus journeys for me.

3) A good pair of collarbones have the power to make me go weak at the knees. It shouldn’t be a body part I go googly over, but I do. That and a well-turned wrist. I couldn’t describe a well-turned wrist, but I know it when I see it. Sadly, I don’t see them often enough, at least not on people willing to go out with me.

4) Recently I have been starting to feel an intense desire to settle down and send out roots. At the same time, I am not sure I am built for staying in one place for more than three or four years. I don’t want heavy adult responsibility but perpetually drifting through a pseudo-student lifestyle doesn’t appeal quite as much as it used to. I want to settle down with a person, to find that person who is willing to travel with me. I want a person to share adventures with and who will give me a hug when the days go a bit shit, like they have lately.

5) I would go back to university in a heartbeat if someone would pay. I want, so, SO much to do an English degree. Not so I can talk all pretentiously about books, but so I can understand better how the authors I love do it. I need to understand how things work, not just accept blindly that they do.

6) I hadn’t realised how lively I normally am till I hit this latest dark patch and I withdrew into my own head a bit too much. My self defense mode of closing down, shutting up, and not engaging was a vital and necessary part of the whole process, but I am glad I am starting to pull out the other side and am no longer just skating over the surface. I have passion and energy and life and to pretend to have none of those things… It just isn’t me.

7) For someone whose spelling has always raised the eyebrows and who has at least a middling form of dyslexia, I am the proof-reader of choice for the office. Nothing gives me more pleasure than pushing my glasses up into my hair and wielding the red pen of doom. The Uber-Boss quakes in his boots French loafers when he hands me a document to proof now. Mwhaahaahaa

And that is it for this meme. Who am I tagging? Bleck, I can’t be doing with the faff of linkage and the disappointment that will inevitably ensue when no one responds, so just take up the meme if you feel so inclined.

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5 thoughts on “Memeilicious times 7

  1. Music = depression? Now that’s a new one on me. I get depressed without music. Opposite holds true for you. That’s very interesting. Who said you aren’t interesting?

    Proof readers are what I need. If it wasn’t for the more conventional digital spellcheckers, My spelling would be all over the place and I would have a hard time getting any work done. I’m probably your worst nightmare.

  2. Glad you are less flat and pancake like. I got your email but I’m being slack, and still feel unable to plan very far ahead- my Viva (for Transfer) is on the 14th- if it goes badly then I will have 6 weeks to save my research so I may have to hermit myself…..

    Music is saving me at the moment. It fills up the empty spaces in my head where the panic grows.

  3. Edrei, it’s not so much the spelling people keep coming to me for. I am actually fairly blind to spelling mistakes and rely far too heavily on spellcheck to catch them for me. They keep coming to me for grammar, consistency and formating. My eye just picks things out quickly.

    And it’s not exactly that music = depression, but like Neko says, music gets into your head and does stuff to the spaces. Usually it does good stuff, but right now it presses the “panic!” buttons instead. No idea why!

  4. I think I know exactly what you mean.

    I had a bad stretch of anxiety/depression six years ago (right before my Master’s comps) and I couldn’t listen to music *at all.* I found it jarring and stressful – even the soft stuff.

    Music had always helped me through hard times so I was surprised that it would have such a negative effect on my mood.

    It will pass though. Give it a little time. =)

  5. Thank you. It is odd, especially as music is my number one solution to insomnia, which I’ve just got through an epic bout of. I just have to plug in Imogen Heap or my favourite Lifehouse album and I can drift off easily. Not that the music is soporific exactly, but it does (usually) soothe the troubled mind.

    Right now though, not so much, and I want music back!

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