Sunday Roast: mmmm unexplained bacon

So I have reached that point of loosing weight where your old clothes no longer fit, but you still aren’t fitting into the next size down in the shops either. I am having to resort to trousers and skirts held up with safety pins, belts and rolled-over waistbands. Which is lovely, don’t misunderstand me, but annoying at the same time. You see, I like to wear long skirts, and now they are hanging off my hips they are even longer, and the wheels of my desk chair seem to find my hems very tasty… I have lost count of the times I have almost inadvertently flashed my underwear to the office as I’ve got up from my desk.

I shall stop complaining though, because the omens are good for me to shortly have an excuse for a shopping spree. Woot. Which was a sarcastic woot, because trouser/clothes shopping is not a favoured past time. All that trying on, harsh lighting, mirrors, and twig-thin staff making me feel like a particularly curvy whale. Plus, no money and no room in my wardrobe!

Enough. I promise.

Whilst I am feeling much more myself now, looking at my bookmarks folder it seems I am still much harder to please than previously. I really cannot explain how 300+ feeds a day, totaling over 2000 different pages a week, equals 20 sites come Sunday, but it does. On the plus side, short roast means I might be able write it and then get to the supermarket before that big black cloud decides to rain all over Portswood…

I get bored easily and my life so far is a litany of discarded hobbies (witness the quilt that has been half finished for over 3 years now). Bored perhaps isn’t the right word, but I am at a loss to explain it better. See, the challenge for me is working out HOW to do something. Once I have cracked it, then I loose interest. Plus I have to be good at whatever I do or I don’t want to do it. Which might explain why writing is the one thing I have kept to, because there is always something new to learn and get better at… Still bookbinding looks like it could be a funky new craft to try.

Have you played the Flickr game yet? (Here’s mine, with my answers Claire, Millfield, Purple, Rafael Nadal, tea, Scottish Highlands, blackcurrant cheesecake, writer, friends, ditzy, Bright Meadow)

Interesting Gmail tip from Nils

Watch. Laugh. Watch again. I have one word for you – Wonderflonium! Dr. Horrible

If you haven’t seen Wall-E the movie yet, do. We saw it on Friday and it is awesome! I so want a little Wall-E all of my own, kinda like this little chap

Ignoring the shades of theses past, Leif has a very interesting and valid take on the ongoing debate over archaeological involvement with armed conflict.

Continuing with the archaeological theme for a moment, how computers have changed the world of archaeology

The CEO of Penguin on the inaccessibility of publishing as a career. You’re preaching to the choir here! I have genuinely lost track of the things I have applied for lately, and my failure even to get to interview stage is demoralising at best. I will succeed, but dag-nabbit, I can’t even get an interview for basic admin and modesty aside, I am an Admin Queen! Trust me, when I get into publishing my mission will be to open up recruitment. If nothing else, the industry is loosing out on oodles of untapped talent. Diversity is not just about the colour of your skin or gender-preference of choice. It is about different ideas and backgrounds coming together to make the whole greater than its parts!

(Rant over)

Perhaps like me you are not an X-Files freak, but are still mildly interested in the show, and want to watch the upcoming movie without floudering through sea of back-story? This handy guide should help some

And lastly, two trailer for your viewing pleasure.
Flash of Genius
Watchmen – I haven’t read the graphic novel (though I will shortly you can be sure), but even so this trail looks tasty!

And as the threatening black cloud has conveniently moved away down the hill toward St. Denys, I am now going to pop to Waitrose to see if I can resist the lure of their cookies whilst I stock up on groceries for the week. OOoh, but I lead an exciting life!