Sunday Roast: feeling uninspired today

You know, I think I might finally have run out of exciting ways to introduce these Roasts. It has taken over three years of more or less weekly writing, but for the life of me I can think of nothing new and fun to talk about this week. I know I have brilliantly fun plans in the pipeline, but I don’t want to talk about them too much for worry of souring them.

So I am going to get on with this post and hope somewhere along the way I get inspired…

I didn’t start out collecting links this week that concentrate on the visual, but somehow it just ends up that way.

Always knew Google Maps were evil

I’m not a fan of Cow Murderer Federer, but this picture is damn impressive (photo source)

I want!

Possibly one of my favourite photographers in the world

Followed swiftly by another favourite

I haven’t been following the Olympic games much (bar Moose’s regular updates on how my baby Nadal is doing in the tennis), but this images are hilarious! Pictures 8 and 11 had me totally creased over when I saw them at work.

Looking at my groaning bookshelves, I hate to think how much I spend each year on books. Add to that it is not unusual for me to get through 6 books a week, and you have me blessing the fact our local libraries are rather good, just round the corner and open till late! Whilst I frantically pray Oxford is similarly blessed with decent public libraries a short walk from wherever I end up living, how do you balance your book budget?

Only the Norwegian’s could have a penguin as their Colonel-in-Chief (and no fewer than four people independently emailed me this story at work on Friday – hugs to all of you for knowing me so well 🙂 )

I want to be able to pass this story off with a jokey “only in America”, but it is genuinely freaking me out too much to find it even mildly diverting – a Texas school is letting teachers carry guns in classrooms. WHO in their right minds could possibly think having more guns around kids is a good idea? Picture me sitting here in baffled incomprehension.

What Just Happened? – if only for the bearded, fat Bruce Willis

Max Payne – I expect this comes from some comic/graphic novel I have never heard of, but this trailer excited me more than I would expect a simple revenge/shoot-em-up too. I think it is the flashes of wings that promise something much, much weirder

High School Musical 3 – and with this admission, I hear by resign any claim I ever had to even a smidgeon of cool. Yes, I watched both HSM1 and 2 and I plan to watch 3 when it comes out on DVD. Yes, I know I am 26 in a month. Yes, there is very little you can say to me that Moose hasn’t already mocked me with.

Now I am off to hide in embarrassment till it is time to go round to Neko’s to be looked after 😀

4 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: feeling uninspired today

  1. WHO in their right minds could possibly think having more guns around kids is a good idea?

    Guilty as charged!

    Max Payne – I expect this comes from some comic/graphic novel I have never heard of

    It was a computer game, a game I loved, adored, completed twice and then totally ignored the sequel. I can’t remember if the Max Payne bullet-time came before The Matrix films or not but it was the first game in which you could slow time, jump through the air blasting your enemies with two pistols John Woo style. It was literally awesome.

    I can’t watch the trailer at the moment but I will no doubt comment more later on these “wings” you speak so highly of…

    High School Musical 3

    !As if Bon Jovi weren’t bad enough!

  2. Cas, I saw this as a pingback on my site. I can’t tell you how extremely important and valued this made me feel. Thank you for your support, it is HIGHLY appreciated.

  3. Veronique – my pleasure. Just keep taking those gorgeous pictures and sharing them, that’s all I ask! And welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments 🙂

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