Touching Base

It’s been a rather packed week here at Meadow Towers:

  1. I got offered the Cambridge job – unexpected!
  2. Much deliberation later (thanks peeps for listening to me ramble) I turned down the Cambridge job – eek!
  3. Then I found a place to live in Oxford – woot!
  4. Interspersed with finishing both Twilight and New Moon – Edward is a whining twonk and Bella needs a good slap
  5. But I didn’t get offered the Oxford job – boo!
  6. And then the ELDO left work – sob!

All of which equates to:

  1. Moving to Oxford in three weeks, nice place to live, but no job confirmed and no eye candy to keep me entertained at work – eeeks and wooots in equal measure

Which is all a bit much for poor little me, so I am off to curl up with a glass of whisky and a trashy novel to drown my sorrows/make wonderful plans.

8 thoughts on “Touching Base

  1. Finally someone who agrees with me about Bella and Edward!!! They need to pull their head out of their respective *bleeps* and just enjoy each other amiright?!

  2. Nils, thank you for the good wishes. They are definitely needed at the moment!

    Pablo – firstly welcome back to the comments 🙂 And yes, both of them need to get over themselves! I’d forgotten how whiny and irritating young people in luurrv can be. At the same time, I still have this helpless desire to read the other two books to find out what happens.

    If Bella isn’t a sodding vampire (or Jacob hasn’t staked Edward to make everyones life easier) by the end of book 3 I am going to be VERY annoyed.

  3. @Cas well I will only say this because it is common knowledge outside of reading book 4, but book 4 is told from Edwards perspective so he will still be around. I need to get book 3 still. Still trying to power through Harry Potter =/

  4. Pablo – Harry Potter is superior I think. Just. If only because the characters (bar Harry who should just give up already) get less whiny as the series progresses, not more!

    Alan – whisky is indeed good.

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