Still alive?

Yes, I am still alive. I am moved to Oxford and about 90% ensconsed in my small, but perfectly formed, new abode, tentatively to be called Palace Meadows. There is a story, and when I am not huddled in a library to use the internet, I will share it all I promise.

Give me say, a week? to get a bit more settled and sort out the WiFi connection in the house – the silly BTHomeHub isn’t a fan of my PocketCalculator – and then I will be back in all my usual blogging glory.

Till then, keep an eye on my Twitter ( for a running commentary of my days.

Toodle pip!

4 thoughts on “Still alive?

  1. Surly – how bored exactly do you think I need to be? Suffering a mild sense of ennuie or about to chew my arm off from the dullness of my existence?

    jinx, thank you 🙂

  2. Well considering its a market town where the market has dwindled down to nothing but a smattering of stands, and probably their biggest claim to fame is the Morris Men there… pretty damn bored.

    However, it’s a piece of Surly History, and you can see where a young Surly started on the cranky path to the Surly Side.

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