Sunday Roast: a thief in the night

I sit here on my bed, hair still damp from my shower, listening to Disturbia on LastFM, and as I look out across the back gardens of central Oxford to the grey skies above, I wonder how to introduce the roast and the lovely month of November.

Then I realise I have already done it.

Welcome to the eleventh month of 2008 people. Hasn’t this year flown by so quickly, and yet seen so many changes? I wonder what the last sixty-one days have in store to enthrall us all? Only one way to find out, I guess, and that is to live it. To the MAX! as the advert would have it.

The last few days have seen my head go a little bit screwy. One minute, everything is glorious and the next… ooops! I think it hit me that *crap!* I am in the process of making a new life in a new city and that my safety net is over an hour away by train. It also hit me that I’ve got the most ink of anyone in my current acquaintance by far – not that this is the be-all and end-all, but it comes to something when I am the most alt in a crowd, not the least! Worry not, I shall do my best to fly the flag and make it a point to scurry back to Soton as frequently as possible for regular doses of the odder side of life 😉

I think the time has come for me open the lid on the veritable Pandora’s box, which is our Internet…

I have always had a thing for short stories – I love how they just present snippets and leave you to make up your own mind. They are also really hard to do well! So I like it when others come round to my point of view

Graphic novels aren’t just about superheroes. If you haven’t read Maus yet, I strongly recommend you do!

I love it when I discover new blogs: Margaret and Helen – two American ladies who have been friends for 60 years, with great insights into modern life (their take on the current election is refreshing and honest)

And that is, rather surprisingly, it for the blog side. Now for the bit I know you all come for really, the movies:

My Name is Bruce – I am enjoying the absurder side of life at the moment. This film just looks delicious

Defiance – Daniel Craig being all heroic… How is that NOT going to be a good film?

Were the World Mine – see my afore mentioned comment regarding the absurd. Plus, great social commentary

The Reader – and to end with a trailer for a film that is genuinely intriguing me. I love that I can’t get the whole film from this one trail. I am hooked and I will be getting it on DVD (because the chances of it making my local Odeon are slim-to-none, let’s face it!)

And c’est tout with the links. My hair is now dry, thanks in most part to it being only a few inches long, and the weather is not actually raining on me, so I think I shall go to the covered market and see what veg I can pick up to keep me fed through the week.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: a thief in the night

  1. Is the lack of ninja death races in Oxford making Soton look a little less grey?? 😉

    Mmmmm, Daniel Craig. And The Reader looks very good too.

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