Sunday Roast: along the dark desert highway

I remember now why I haven’t sat at my desk to compute since November – I just can’t get comfortable. Pretty old antique desks and chairs look very nice, but they can be a pain in the ergonomics. Still, even I can get a bit fed up of spending nearly every hour god sends on my bed (other than the pretty, painful chair it’s the only place to sit), so I am giving it a whirl. Perhaps it will force me to be concise with this roast? Nah.

What are your guilty reading secrets? I’m also a Georgette Heyer and Anya Seaton fan. Plus, at the moment, Julia Golding (awesome children’s author). Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?

My mum used to make some spectacular cakes when my brother and I were younger. A tipper truck that actually tipped, a shark and a piano being some of the more memorable. But even she never went this far

I want! (Even though experience has taught me that American Apparel t-shirts don’t fit me 🙁 )

Cute Dr Who action figures – because I need more little toys cluttering up my room *rolleyes*… Sod it, if you can’t buy things you want when you are 26, when can you?

Wow, this is turning into a lust-list for me! Pity my timing sucks and it is now after Christmas. I am NOT a paper cup is just perfect for me with my thing for mugs

What’s the cure for readers block? Reading. A cure to which I will heartily concur. Just before Christmas I had reached the point where I just couldn’t look another children’s book in the eye. Jaded after three months on the job? Not a good sign. Then I thought about my reading and realised I hadn’t actually read adult books, or a YA title I wasn’t analysing in the back of my brain, pretty much since I had started. So I sat down with a few old favourites and new stars and *yum* THAT’S why I like reading! Now my wake-up 15 minutes and last-thing-at-night half hour are sacrosanct. No work books!

Dyslexia, a fiction? (I can’t respond to this right now, I am still too busy spitting at the screen in fury)

How would *you* pitch a book in 140 characters? At the moment I’ve got “Mercenary escorts clients into foreign lands on mysterious quest. Needs help from locals. Fighting, philosophy, swords and magic follow.”
Not selling it to ME and I’m writing the damn thing!

And just one movie trailer to finish with. I am sure I have shown it before, and I expect I will again, but this one is for Cat and me. Mmmmmmm yummy Gambit goodness…
X-MEN Origins: Wolverine

4 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: along the dark desert highway

  1. At my library you can now see a list of the books you’ve borrowed when you look at your account online. Frankly I’m haven’t dared look at mine. I use the library for my ‘trashy’ books (because I wouldn’t actually want to buy Jilly Cooper books) that I read as relief to the serious books I read for study or in my reading group.

    Actually, I think I’m going to have to request a cheerier book for our reading group next time. At the moment we’re reading The Reader by Bernhard Schlink (I’ve got to p49, very good so far) – the latest in a series of equally serious books we’ve been reading. All good, but not exactly heart-warming. Is it wrong to want a happy ending occasionally, where no-one dies or if they do it’s of natural causes after a long and fulfilling life?

  2. Not only do they store your history, they do things with that information – I always remember being really pissed off that they sent me an invite to a trashy-sci-fi reading evening because they “had noticed I enjoyed those sorts of books”. What happened to privacy?!

    Like you, the library is my source of the trashy and the popcorn. Though I’ve yet to resort to Jilly Cooper.

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