Sunday Roast: he looks like a french impressionist

Snow Alsation

A little bit of furniture jiggery-pokery and I am sitting at my desk again for the first time in months to write the roast. I’d forgotten how much easier two screens makes things! My room also looks bigger now (every little helps) and my Chinese hanging is back on the wall where it belongs. It’s hung in every place I’ve lived since my dad brought it back for me from Orleans when I was 17, and it just didn’t feel right not to have it up in Oxford. One of the landlord’s Picasso prints has now been replaced and it’s so nice not to be freaked out by the artwork in my room any longer! I have nothing against Picasso, but his splintered women are not to my taste in a room I’m trying to sleep in.

The rest of this week has been pants. A total and utter nasty, baggy, white y-fronts type of a week. Don’t get me wrong, the snow has been lovely, but…

Meh. Let’s get on with why we’re all here, shall we, before I depress the lot of us further?

Anne points to a great graphic showing how all social systems interact and revolve around a central point – me. Or you. Or the person in question. I’m not so big headed enough to assume all the social networking sites in the world resolve around me, Cas.

Because that would be getting too close to revealing my secret identity as the Queen of the Interweb.


I haven’t played around with Authonomy as much as I thought I would, mainly because a full time job keeps getting in the way of wasting time on the internet (annoyingly) so I am intrigued by Alexander McNabb’s experiences and thoughts on what Authonomy could have been, and actually is.

I’m indebted to Moose at the moment for finding those odd little bits and pieces which pass me by in the world of international oddness. Like these two who erroneously thought they were in a cartoon

Despite some good points put across, the title of this article annoys me. I know to most people wikis are synonymous for Wikipedia, but they are SO MUCH MORE. I’m using a wiki right now to help me keep track of a mammoth character list and labyrinthine plot developments. Companies use wikis as intranets. Collaborative documentation creation. It is a tool to be used, nothing more. GRRR!!!!! &lt/end rant&gt

My dad was so pleased that Jade won our Eurovision place. Yes, my Dad watched “Your Country Needs You!”. I am so ashamed right now, there just aren’t the words

Another Moose gem, as she said to me, “It’s the undeclared aubergine that really had me GLAN-ing” (that’s Giggling Like A Nutter)

MMMMM, a character called Robert

Sick of all this talk about Twitter lately? Still not sure you get the point? This handy guide might help

I never really got into the Wheel of Time saga, mainly because the sheer number of books daunted me and I could *never* find a copy of book 1 to start me off! So perhaps a gorgeous looking graphic novel is what I need?

Normally I’d try to send you direct to the source site, but it’s an unlinkable flash mess, so I’ll have to send you to i09 instead to look at this glorious geoglyph-artwork

Fast and Furious – Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, fast cars, explosions… What’s NOT to love?!

G.I. JOE – I have no history with this character, so you don’t have to worry about fan-boy reactions from me: the movie just looks so much fun

I’d forgotten all about this cartoon till the Magnificent Cat sent me the link to cheer me up – The Mysterious Cities of Gold opening theme. You *will* be singing it all day, so you have been warned

Whilst I can no longer enjoy Dairy Milk (sob), I can appreciate their wacky advertising campaigns

10 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: he looks like a french impressionist

  1. I only had to read the words Mysterious Cities of Gold to get that &%£$*%&@ theme tune in my head. Thank you SO much.

    You’re in a violent mood with your choice of trailers this week. Though I am a bit annoyed, as you mocked me for having The Fast and The Furious in my DVD collection, and now you want to see the 4th installment!

  2. Sorry about the tune. Well, actually, not sorry. I figure the best thing to do is share the pain!

    And I know *hangs head* I’ve never even SEEN TF&TF… Just, as you picked up on, I really haven’t been a fluffy-movie place this week. And now I really want to see TF&TF, but they don’t have it in the library, so that means expensive DVD hire place tomorrow 🙁 (Though they have cute staff, so I guess I’ll forgive them their prices).

  3. Well, thank you for the link! Glad you found it interesting.

    BTW, more in the same vein (you might find the expansion interesting) over at Eoin Purcell’s blog, here

  4. Welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments Alexander 🙂 Sorry about the multiple comments – you got caught in moderation as you had a link. Silly spammers do make life more complicated!

    Thanks for that link to your follow-on post. I shall definitely go have a read when I get back from the video store.

    Yes, I am THAT eager to see The Fast and the Furious I am prepared to go out in the snow to rent a copy. God I am sad.

  5. hey Cas.

    I’m glad I’m not the only person on the planet to like the Fast and The Furious films. The first one is very good, the second is also good, with some excellent cars and great shots of races, but the storyline isn’t quite up to the same standard. The third film is – odd, but also fun. If you’ve ever played any of the Need for Speed underground racing games, they follow themes of the movies pretty well.

    I’m waiting for the 4th to come out, yes I will go see it at the cinema, it’s a shameful admission but I love them. They’re silly fun enjoyable movies. If people want to go see Oscar-winning movies, then I’m not stopping them, but I like trashy brightly coloured, fast-moving action films 😀 and apparently, so do you!

  6. Hi fulnic 🙂 I haven’t seen 2F2F or number 3, and to be honest have little desire to. Vin Diesel just made the first movie for me. I am even more excited about Fast & Furious now! And yes, I like “good” films, but I also like the trashy, brightly-coloured, fast-moving action films. When I was home recently my mum tried to get me to go see Mamma Mia. I decided to go see Death Race instead.

    Can’t stand boxing movies though. Hong Kong action, yes. Beating the crap out of people with bear fists, no. It’s a fine line, but it is there. (I think it is the realism which turns me off and triggers my whole anti-violence thing).

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