Things I have learnt

Today I have learnt the following:

  • Lambrini and orange juice makes a surprisingly tasty drink (possibly called a Castaway)
  • Lambrini and orange juice is not a sensible thing to drink at 9.30 in the morning
  • I’ve said it before and I will probably say it again, Pink is the best music to work out to
  • I like the cross-trainer. I used to hate it, but now it is possibly my favourite
  • The people who think the gym is a good place to pick up guys is crazy. Or lucky enough not to go bright red like a Comic Relief Nose after 30 seconds on the bike
  • Costa Rica doesn’t have a formal address system – I genuinely have an address for a business as “500 m down on the other side of the road from the MacDonalds”

What did you learn today?

7 thoughts on “Things I have learnt

  1. I remember an alco-pop called a castaway, way back in the mists of time. We used to mix it in a pint glass with a bottle of Diamond White to form a Blastaway.

    Lambrini and orange juice sounds like a poor man’s Buck’s Fizz.

    A friend of mine lived in the Cayman Islands for a year and had to get a PO Box so she could get all her post, because addresses were along the lines of “Go to the end of street, turn down past the house where Doug used to live, turn right at the blue door and it’s second on the left after the tree that was cut down.”

  2. Buck’s Fizz. THAT’S what it reminded me of! And it tasted nice whilst being drunk, but afterwards it just left a sickeningly sweet aftertaste.

  3. New sofa bed from Ikea. The only people who make a double sized sofa bed small enough to fit in my tiny house.

  4. I have fond memories of my old Ikea sofa bed. It’s a pity they don’t make standard size mattresses though. Had to learn the art of hospital corners for that bloody bed!

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