Flapjacks, aka MMMMMMM sugar

(ooh, this one-a-day thing is harder than I thought it would be!)

I’m feeling monumentally crappy right now and the only thing that’s keeping me from annihilating the world and it’s dog is a tasty flapjack from the local bakery. MMmmm sugar. So I thought I would do the neighbourly thing and post a trusty recipe for flapjacks. Men, take note – make a batch of these for the hormonal woman in your life, and you’ll be safe.

For a while 😉

You will need

  • 250 gms margarine
  • 8 tbs golden syrup
  • 500 gms porridge oats
  • or
    250 gms porridge oats & 250 gms rolled oats

How to make them

  1. Melt margarine in large saucepan
  2. Add syrup and keep heating slowly till all dissolved and mixed in
  3. Add to oats and stir
  4. Press into greased and floured baking tin
  5. GAS MARK 4 for 20-25 mins till golden brown
  6. Cut immediately into size desired
  7. Leave in tin till cool


  • Don’t let the butter/sugar mixture boil as you don’t want caramel/toffee! Well, you might, but that’s a different recipe…
  • Don’t use a non-stick tin. You cut the flapjacks when they are still in the pan, so you’re just gonna bugger up that fancy tin with knife cuts
  • Do leave the flapjacks to cool totally before you take them from the tin. It might be tempting, but they have little-to-no structural integrity when warm, so you’ll just end up with a sticky-oaty-mess. Tasty yes, but not very nice to look at!

4 thoughts on “Flapjacks, aka MMMMMMM sugar

  1. The next time you make these, will you take a picture? I have an idea of what this looks like in my head, but I’m still unsure.

  2. P.S. In the United States, flapjacks are synonymous with pancakes. This sounds like an oat bar of sorts, but more desserty. Yum.

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