Sunday Roast: you’re gonna love it!

I thought this was going to be a large ‘Roast… If you are curious as to how to make Firefox on the Mac fall flat on its face, try and open 100+ tabs at once. Yeah, my fault, I let the RSS build up for three days without checking. Gulp. Never going to do that again, I assure you! I really need to prune my feeds-list.

But, what with one thing and another, it’s turned out not to be of the same epic proportions of some of the better ‘Roasts. I think my mojo is still AWOL. Still, something is better than nothing, right? Enjoy πŸ™‚

So very cynical. I love it.

It’s never to late to come to the party – Liz has a great post all about how blogs are tools. attacked. *Bangs head against desk*
*Brings you another side of the debate*

And you wonder why women complain about running for the bus… (I need me a better sports bra. The current one is not quite up to the strain :S )

Worthy of the ‘Roast if only for the supreme beard and facial expression!

Ok, what you need to do is go to, go to the “David Pogue” section, and watch a few videos. The one that amused me most is the “Mobile Routers” one – worth it, if only for the shot of three Mini-Pogues all using laptops. Ok, so it is pronounced “Rooters” in most civilised countries, but we won’t hold it against the guy. If you were ever wondering why I still subscribe to the NYT? David Pogue is it πŸ™‚

And the Brainy Snail would like to suggest this site for the Sunday Roast. Her reasoning?
Everyone likes a good dino.
Well, can’t say fairer than that, can you?

And Brainy Snail? You are now a Blog Minion. Welcome πŸ™‚

That’s it for this week. I’m off to make a start on that quilt I promised for the Crazy Canalman this time last year :redface_wp:

For Josh

Because he’s been banging on about it for an age now, the silly hat picture on the ‘About’ page has been restored.


The things I do for my Minions.

Another new Blog Minion!

(If you’re one of those people who reads something and hears the authors voice as they read it, please bear with me whilst I sound incredibly croaky. I’m not just hoarse – I’m the entire bloody farmyard right now.)

Yesterday RIB got himself a special badge because he named the penguin (Mr Flibble, in case you missed the announcement).

Today I would like to welcome one more Minion to the fold – Josh. Whilst he’s a relative newcomer to Bright Meadow, he’s put in sterling works in the comments, and has forwarded on to me some very thought provoking articles, more than one of which has found its way into the weekly ‘Roast. Oh, and he’s made me smile on more than one occasion, which is always a plus.

Congratulations Josh – I would like to award you with your Minion Button, your place in the Blog Minion Hall of Fame, and this virtual cup of tea. cup of tea

Now go, take your button out into the world and proudly proclaim to one and all your Minion-hood!

Blog Minion Button

*1*For those new to Bright Meadow, Blog Minions are the special people who bring something back to the conversation. I adore all my readers equally, even you lurkers who never say anything – my Minions are the people who make it that little bit easier to bring you Bright Meadow πŸ™‚ If you want to find out how to be a Blog Minion, or who is a Blog Minion already, simply go to the Blog Minion Hall of Fame.
*2* And no, it isn’t a derogatory term. I mean it in a nice way.

Blog Minions, Josh Teeters

We’ve Finally Named That Penguin!

The polls are now closed. I hope everyone who wanted to managed to get their vote in on time.

First, the runners-up (in reverse order) are:

  • Aliette, chosen by Cas, with 6.25 % of the vote
  • Pablo, chosen by Moose, with 6.25 % of the vote
  • Optimus Pengu, chosen by the CC, with 6.25 % of the vote
  • Clio, chosen by Spooky, with 12.5 % of the vote
  • Brix, chosen by Dewayne, with 12.5 % of the vote
  • Satanic Penguin of Doom (3), chosen by Joseph, with 12.5 % of the vote
  • Remington, chosen by JB, with 12.5 % of the vote

It brings me great pleasure to announce the winner of the Name That Penguin competition.

Drum Roll Please!

The Bright Meadow Penguin is now called…

Mr Flibble.

I’ll leave RIB to explain the full meaning behind the name (if he wants to), but for me it brings back many happy memories from the Terisia and Castle of Fun days over at WotC.

It’s a great name RIB, and it gives me great pleasure to present to you this special button:
I named the penguin at
What you do with it now, well, that’s up to you. I just felt the naming needed some recognition πŸ™‚

Thank you everyone who voted and took part. Now will everyone please stand up, say hello to Mr Flibble, and make him feel at home.

Mr Flibble

Penguins, penguins, always with the penguins…

I’d like to remind you all that there are just a few days left to vote for the name you want for the Bright Meadow penguin.

If you haven’t already voted, take yourself to the sidebar and make your opinions known.

I’ll be announcing the winner sometime on Thursday afternoon (9th Feb).

Name That Penguin! round 2

I am pleased to announce the second round of the Name That Penguin competition is now open.

The short-listed names are:
Satanic Penguin of Doom (3)
Mr Flibble
Optimus Pengu

  • The shortlist comprises my personal favourite out of the names each person submitted.
  • To vote, go to the sidebar, and use the form you will find there. (It’s just under the Meta section and the pretty coloured buttons, above the Mini Meadow’s section)
  • Each person can only vote once, or so the plugin says. I haven’t used this plugin before, so if things start going a bit haywire, I may just shut down the poll and get y’all to give your vote in the comments field of this post. Try the form first though – we’ll see how things go.
  • You have a week to vote. The poll will be closed first thing on the 9th of February. I will then tally the results and announce the winner.
  • Comments on the first “Name That Penguin” post are now closed. If you have anything to say regarding this competition, say it on this post please πŸ™‚
  • Even if you didn’t get around to submitting a name for the shortlist, please vote for your favourite name. I want this choice to be as democratic as possible. I write this blog for you all to read – even my lurkers who I know are out there somewhere – so it’s only fitting that you should have some say in what goes on around here πŸ™‚
  • Don’t worry – I won’t be able to tell who voted for what, if that’s the only reason you won’t vote. Unless you tell us what you voted for, of course, but that’s up to you πŸ™‚

That’s it. I look forward to finding out what name we all choose for the Bright Meadow penguin.

Just two days left to Name That Penguin!

I’d like to remind you all that there are just two days left to Name That Penguin!

I’d also like to urge any of you who haven’t already to contribute their three names, to do so!

I want the Bright Meadow penguin to have the best name possible, and that means having a top-notch selection for you all to choose the winner from.

Get thee to the appropriate post right now, and start naming! Don’t forget, win, and you are assured special Minion status, and my eternal love and devotion.


Just in case you missed the copies of the link scattered through the post: Name That Penguin Competition