Proposed Posting Schedule

Right, I have been thinking this “Rebirth of Bright Meadow” thing through and, if I want it to work, I have to accept that the winging it method has stopped working for me.

So, at least until I am properly back in the groove, I have to have a plan. I am going to be the man with the plan. Or the girl with the plan. The blogger. Oh, you know what I am on about!

The Plan
Sunday: a Sunday Roast. Short, but sweet
Tuesday: the Question of the Week (QOTW)
Thursday: a random something or other when I feel like it.

And, of course, the daily photo.

So, do you like my plan? If you like my plan, please say something. Yes, I accept I am pathetically asking for comments like any newbie blogger, but it’s been so long I *feel* like a newbie blogger!

Holding Pattern

cascartoon Please watch the tumbleweeds for a few days more, dear readers. Iā€™m digging my way out from beneath a contracts, and filing, and catalogue designing pile of hell right now. I think I can see my way clear… Blogging will resume very, very shortly!

Still alive?

Yes, I am still alive. I am moved to Oxford and about 90% ensconsed in my small, but perfectly formed, new abode, tentatively to be called Palace Meadows. There is a story, and when I am not huddled in a library to use the internet, I will share it all I promise.

Give me say, a week? to get a bit more settled and sort out the WiFi connection in the house – the silly BTHomeHub isn’t a fan of my PocketCalculator – and then I will be back in all my usual blogging glory.

Till then, keep an eye on my Twitter ( for a running commentary of my days.

Toodle pip!

Bank Holiday Hiatus

IMG_0265 This is a notice to you all, lovely readers, that Bright Meadow is going to go on a temporary hiatus. Tis the August Bank Holiday here in the good old United Kingdom (well, apart from in Scotland) and traditionally us Brits pack our bags for the long weekend and head away from it all in the vain pursuit of some sunshine.

Because it ALWAYS rains on the August bank holiday. It’s like the fourth law of robotics or something.

This time I am making a run up to join the Crazy Canalman for a day or so, frolicking about on the boat with him and (hopefully) Brother Dearest. Whilst I am busy not-roasting, I am also going to be doing some hard thinking and budget planning. A ghastly way to spend a holiday, I know, but essential when facing my current employment dilemma. Come on people, cast some votes and help me decide here – Oxford or Cambridge?!

Have a good weekend doing whatever it is you are doing, and I shall be back shortly with hopefully more exciting and glorious news to share. At a minimum, I should at least be in a position to be able to put to rest all the confusion over where I’m going to be living in a month. I know I don’t like to plan, but this is getting ridiculous, even for me!

It flies, phoenix like! has risen, like a mythic-creature, from the rubble of what turned out to be a hack.

Yes, someone thought that Bright Meadow was worthy of hacking! (For the intrigued, it turns out that this was the problem).

Anyway, thanks to the sheer glory of that marvelous personage known as karmatosed, who spent this morning fingertip deep in sql databases, order has been restored to my blogging universe. I cannot begin to tell you how great that feels! Plus, I am now running WP2.5 on that domain (about bloody time too) so have access to all sorts of shiny new stuff and features. The one I am currently loving is the ability to tinker with my template from within the admin panel. No need to mess around with ftp!


There are lots of other lovely benefits, but before I totally geek out, just take this as notification that life is back where it belongs at Bright Meadow. I will be posting there/here from now on, letting retire into the background (though I expect I might have to return to it if/when my server gets wiggy again!). I have done sneaky things with the feeds once more, so if you read through RSS, you shouldn’t notice any change.

If, however, you aren’t sure, the correct feed is: and this is the correct comments feed.

At some point I am going to see if I can merge the databases so posts from will be folded into the archives here. If I can’t do it automatically, I’ll do it the old fashioned way and copy/past across!

That’s it! Thank you SO much everyone for sticking with me through this debacle (yes, it rates being called a debacle)

Test Number 5zillion

So it turns out I might have been hacked. Let’s see if things are back to how they should be…


I know I haven’t been updating much lately. Forgive me peeps – I’ve been a bit too busy living life at the moment to write about it. There’s oodles going on, swirling round in my head right now, but I’m afraid it’s the kind of swirly-stuff I have to deal with/live through before I’ll be comfortable writing about it. Plus, people keep forcing me to socialise, which is really putting a dent in my writing time!

I’m just giving y’all a quick update to let you know I am alive and thinking of you. And to inform you that I’m deserting you once more! I’m off to an archaeology conference and am getting back at silly o’clock on Sunday morning. I might be in a Roast-able mood, I might not! The dear and fluffy lord alone knows what I’m going to find to talk about to people all weekend, as I haven’t done a scrap of archaeology in years, but I’m a “Doyenne” of the Internet now (according to the godhead, and he should know), so I’m sure it will be fun for all concerned šŸ™‚

I expect when I get back I’ll be 1) ever so slightly hungover and 2) buzzing with lots of exciting ideas from sitting down and drinking talking to lots of intelligent people all weekend, so expect some nice posts when I return!

Toodles šŸ™‚ (And, if it is working, keep an eye on Twitter for random instances I feel like sharing!)