QOTW: Humpty Dumpty

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I had to share this because it is freaking me out right now: Where in the rhyme does it say Humpty was an egg?!

QOTW: Book Club

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So I’m trying to get a book club off the ground because, well, it’s always fun to gossip and chat about books. The thing is, we’re stumped on what to read.

So, suggestions please!

Oh, and we’re called the “Oxford Literature and Latte Society”. Because I couldn’t find anything bookish to rhyme with tea. C’est la vie.

QOTW: #sweetchallenge

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It started with the realization that I am no longer capable of eating a jaffa cake without going “full moon, half a moon, total eclipse“.

Nor can I eat Polos without crunching. To be fair, I find it hard not to crunch most hard sweets, but I am incapable of not crunching Polos. So bad is this habit that my friends used to ban me from taking Polos into exams because it was so distracting.

A good friend, okmissmaia can’t eat Haribo without thinking “LOOK INTO MY EYES!“, whilst Etherfiend finds eating fruit pastilles without chewing impossible (though they are a rather chewy sweet, so I’m not sure this really counts).

All of which got me wondering, what other #sweetchallenges there might be. Do tell…

QOTW: pouring tea

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This one is more of a “did you know”, but according to Leen, the English pour tea one-handed. Apparently, we are the only nation making teapots allowing it.

Now, this is news to me, and I thought I was pretty conversant on the whole tea topic. Got a certificate and the training from Whittards to prove it! But I accept I am not the font of all knowledge.

Can anyone verify or debunk?

Leen has asked me to make it clear she is currently ill and a victim of the Dreaded Lurgy, so she doesn’t want to stand by anything attributed to her here.
Also, ‘allowing it’ means ‘without dripping’…

QOTW: photo books

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This week I need to pick your brains. Tasty brains…

Thanks to the Project #365 I ran last year (and am doing now), I have essentially created a photo diary of a year in my life and I really like that. They are all archived online – here, instagram, Flickr – and on the iPhone, but sometimes I just want to hold something real. So I am thinking of creating a photo book to celebrate the year. I’m just not sure exactly how I am going to do it!

Options (as I can think of them)

  1. Get it done by some online service and bound to look like a “proper book”
  2. Have the photos printed out and stick into a photo album
  3. Have the photos printed out and hand-bind them

Of the three, option 1 seems the most appealing to me. 2 just seems a bit tacky and not something you’re going to want to pick up and idly flick through. Also, photo albums rarely go big enough for 365 photos! Hand binding could be an idea, but I have no idea exactly to go about it. I could make the album, and stick the photos in, but you have the same issue as 2. Or I could actually stitch the pages and case it, but that would be single leaf as double-sided printing is just going to be a bitch, and I’d have to make sure the photos were printed with enough edging and… My brain hurts thinking about it.

Looking forward, I am also going to want to do a similar thing when I finish the current year (Jan – Dec 13) and I’m not sure if I will still have access to the binding studio by then.

Which is a long winded way of asking for your help picking an online service to print this photo book.


  • Must ship to the UK (d’uh!)
  • Must be able to make lowish res Instagram photos look good
  • Decent layout control
  • Ideally it will pull from Flickr, as it is easiest that way to collate the photos and identify what is and isn’t a #365 image, but I can live with that not being an option
  • Ideally, as well as the image itself, it will also pull the title and EXIF data from whatever service it gets the images from. Again, not an essential but certainly easiest. I am not looking forward to having to manually date and title 365 pictures!
  • Not too expensive! I am not a cheapskate, and I want this to look good, but I am not made of money!

Thoughts? Experiences? Horror/success stories to share?

QOTW: the conditioner conundrum

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By volume, you use more conditioner each hair wash than shampoo. So why, for the love of fluffy kittens, are the bottles sold the same size?

I hate starting the new conditioner bottle before the shampoo one, because it throws out my shopping planning, but if I start a new shampoo each time I start a new conditioner, I am left with lots of not-empty shampoo bottles.

Why, people who design packaging, why?!

QOTW: the perils of popcorn

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Am I the only one who, when eating popcorn, ends up with some down her top?

No other foodstuff does this. I mastered the art of feeding myself a long time ago (as an aside, Little Star’s current favourite is shredded carrot – she is so not related to me). So why, whenever I am eating popcorn but ESPECIALLY when I am on a date in the cinema, does some always end up down inside my top.

INSIDE people. In places you cannot easily retrieve popped corn kernels from whilst in public.

Please tell me I am not the only one this happens to. Lie to me if you have to.