Sunday Roast: insert catchy title here

Sunday Roast

It’s Sunday, I have a fringe, and I have a post of links to share. What more could be right with the world?

The Hawkeye Initiative is this great idea, where comic covers (and other media) are redrawn with Hawkeye (and other comic characters) to illustrate just how contorted and hyper-sexualized women are commonly drawn in comics. And now it’s working in real life!

I get these Blog Crushes every now and again. Currently, I am hysterically head-over-heals for everything The Bloggess writes. For example, her Rules for Life

You know the old saying “if men experienced labor the human race would die out because they can’t stand the pain”? Well, of course someone had to demonstrate it (semi) scientifically.

Tea and Kittens. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

The Gif of the day (sorry, Jif of the day): the never ending train

Monopoly was a big game in our house – still is when we can all get round a table – and we got pretty cut throat. But it turns out we never played Real Monopoly. And all I can think is Oh, My. God. Why did we never play it like this?! We always read the rules!

The Single Greatest Thing I have seen ALL DAY. Trust me.

If you haven’t watched Iron Man 3 yet, don’t click on the link. If you have, then watch this.

Amazingly weird and wacky places around the world.

Because we all need something cute

How to write a novel. Simples.

That’s me done until next week undetermined-timeframe-by-when-I-will-have-good-links-to-share. Please feel free to add more delights and joys in the comments, as always 🙂

Sunday Roast: Accept this sandwich as a gesture of solidarity

Sunday Roast

Yay the sun is here! I love this time of year – the sun is out, so it is warm, but it is not TOO warm. Er, that’s it for the intro this week. On with the linkage…

Best. Dad. Ever.

The Mantis Shrimp. It is awesome

What cities might look like with stars. I am booking a trip to a desert to see these kind of night skies NOW.

The importance of balls in Austen.

Best author letter ever – books have an impact on children, they really do.

And to wrap us up, this Self Esteem Penguin is being bookmarked on my work computer. I have a feeling I’m going to be referring to it with monotonous regularity.

Sunday Roast: attack of the blahs

Sunday Roast

This week has completely and utterly sucked. (Monday and Tuesday were good, but as soon as work started on Wed it all went BLURGH!) Whether it is hormones, a down swing in the depression, or what, I do not know. All I know is that I am really looking forward to the next week to start!

These photos of London at Night in the 1930’s are so darkly beautiful. Perfectly in keeping with my mood.

Gotta love a tumblr dedicated to one man’s outfits.

Mad Men as Muppets. ‘Nuff said

This smart bracelet for aid workers could be a very good thing.

This article is a fascinating insight into accessibility and usability of smartphones for the visually impaired. Props to Apple for making the iPhone so good on this front so early. And all you developers out there – get working on making Android a more viable option!

Facebook has long had a dodgy track record on privacy and data ownership, so it is worth listening to what Om Malik has to say about the new “Facebook Home” for Android.

And finally, massive thanks to @LizUK for finding this in the wilds of the internet. I don’t care if it is photoshopped. It is the first thing that made me laugh all week, and it is perfect. I hereby grant BlogMinion status to the lovely Liz 😀

Sunday Roast: candid camera

Sunday Roast

As one week is drawing to a close, and another is adventure is about to start, I am delighted to bring you a roast. Short and sweet, kind of like myself 😉

This week started off fairly hellish as PCOS kicked my arse for the first time since last August, but bizarrely I quite welcomed the whole baby-alien-chomping-out-my-innards thing. I can’t put it into coherent words, but I felt right for the first time in a way that I haven’t for the past seven months. Turns out, I’d rather have the stabbing pain for three days out of the 30 than a sort of blah fluff in my brain for the entirety.

Still, hormones and the female endocrine system are fucking WEIRD.

And now as I have totally over-shared, why not get on with what y’all came for – the sweet, sweet linkage?

I always wondered what WhiskeyCat got up to during the day. If we’d had this CatCam, all would have been revealed.

The site is called Information Is Beautiful. Need I say more? Infographic Heaven

The voice of Christina Perri is totally seducing me right now. A Thousand Years has caught me in a spell. And no, I’m not a TwiHard 😛

If you follow me on Twitter then you know I am in the middle of a Supernatural binge. I have just one thing to say – Jensen Ackles. Hot damn. Dean would be a bastard to live with long term, but seriously, you wouldn’t push him out of bed in the morning. What tipped me over the edge was this clip. That smile at the end? I’m a puddle of goo.

I blame the hormones. Yep. The hormones.

And to complete my post, go read Matt Logelin’s blog. It will have you in tears (guaranteed), but also smiling with joy.

Oh, and yesterday I got a kick-ass new hair cut and colour and I’m feeling rather foxy. Publishing Crush, you have been warned 😉

Sunday Roast: SO FLUFFY!!!!

Sunday Roast

This week, as I sit huddled under blankets, enjoying some unexpected snow, I am once again amazed at how the tiniest change in our weather completely flumoxes the UK. Be it snow, or rain, or sun, we are never happy it seems. Listening to us complain about it, you would be forgiven for wondering why any of us live here at all!

So to help out with the late snow blues, I have curated some of the cutest and fluffiest links I could find. Because I am nice like that.

This little Red Panda is clearly expressing his disgust at the snow.

And these Red Pandas are just so, so… FLUFFY!

I’ve never going to complain about a crick in the neck ever again.

WARNING: By viewing the following link, you may experience one or more of the following side effects: giggling, loss of productivity, sleep deprivation, new friends, drinks spurting from nose, and a general improvement in your mood – kitten cam.

And to finish us (me!) off, some penguins.