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*UPDATE 2* January 2015: I have given up doing on a formal #365, but I am still active on Instagram, and am cross-posting the odd picture here tagged “#365”. Instead of a picture each day, it’s more a picture-when-I-remember/do something interesting.

*UPDATE* January 2013: All of what I said below still holds true. I enjoyed the November 2011-12 #365 so much, I took December off to rest, and have decided to go for another year! Bring on the pictures.

At the end of October 2011, I got an iPhone (called Belle, btw). I rapidly fell in love with an app called Instagram. It replicates old polaroid shots in that all your photos are constrained to a square and you can’t alter the depth of field. What you can do is apply awesome filters which instantly make even the most mundane photo a work of art.

What makes it even better is the seamless way I can post to Twitter and Flickr to share the images. This, along with the pretty decent camera the iPhone comes with, has prompted me to do a Project 365. One photo, each day, for a year.


A bit of coding jiggerypokery later, and you get to share the fun here on Bright Meadow as well! Each day, a new photo will be posted, with the hashtag #365, in the Instagram category. If you follow me on Twitter/Flickr/Instagram, you will see other pictures as well as/when I post them, but only one will be the “Photo of the Day”.

The rules:
1) the photo must be taken that day
2) only one photo of WhiskeyCat allowed per month – WhiskeyCat sadly passed away at the end of 2012. In her honour, only one photo of a penguin is allowed per month
3) a maximum of one “food” picture, and one “drink” picture allowed per week
4) one photo of Little Star per month. The same cannot be said of my whole Instagram feed, but I limit the number that become #365 and so cross-posted here

Just those three rules for now. I’m not going to be posting long explanations behind each photo, unless I feel there is a massive need. Hopefully each one, along with the title and/or caption will be all you need. Think of this as an experiment in a different sort of story telling.

A few guidelines I try and stick to:
1) I am permitted the occasional “skip day”, but these have to be justified if at all possible. “I just can’t be bothered” is NOT a good reason!
2) I will still take a picture each day, even if I away from an internet connection (it does happen). Once I have returned to civilisation, I will endeavor to upload the photos and back-date as appropriate.

Please, as always, comment away.


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