i smell something fishy and it isnt the contents of baldrick’s apple crumble

You have to go to this site! Lots of adorable (but evil) penguins. Even pictures to download and everything! March of the Penguins film site

I live to serve: Spyware? Throw your PC away… (As a Mac user, I am currently feeling all smug and superior. THe feeling won’t last long, I am sure, but for now – Mwhahahaa!!!)

For no reason other than I think I showed you all Darth Tater before, Star Wars Spud Trooper Mr. Potato Head. Yes, this amuses me.

Cas’ first International Sushi! Made with Korean yakinori (found on the Great Seaweed Hunt of 2005), Scottish smoked salmon, cucumber of some European origin, Hong Kong (via Kent) rice vinegar, and American long grain rice. Oh, and eaten with chopsticks from China Town in New York, and dipped in Sharwoods best soy sauce from Malaysia (via Surrey). Tasty!

Lastly, I tried to watch Secret Window last night. I had been warned, but I like Johnny Depp, and figured that a film he was in couldn’t be that bad. Oh, how wrong I was. I lasted about 30 minutes, by which time it was starting to get a little creepy, and I had no one to hide behind*1*. Figuring that the pay-off wasn’t worth scaring the crap out of myself, (dog + screwdriver = unhappy Cas), I went to see how it ended (Moose knows everything, she’s good like that 🙂 ). Yep. Glad I didn’t stick with it. Bad movie. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad movie!*2*.

Got to forgive the film something though, because in the process of IMDB’ing it (can you make that into a verb?), I discovered that The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is in pre-production, with Depp to play the lead. If you haven’t read the book, do. Well worth it. Thematically on a par with The Sea Inside, and another true story, it is one of those inspirational books that you have to read.

*1*When watching creepy movies, I like to have someone to hide behind. All the way through War of the Worlds, I kept wanting to hide behind Jeff. Don’t think it would have been appreciated, sadly *sigh* Anyway, on with the show….Back
*2*No, a flock of sheep didn’t just wander through the blog. It was that bad.Back