The Usual Suspects

There is a kind of rolling cast of friends, family, and general acquaintances, who get mentioned a fair bit on the blog. Those that get mentioned most frequently are:

Brother Dearest – currently doing high-fa-luting things in New York. He’s the success in the family. I plan to be… whatever I am… for a few more years yet.

Code-name Marvel – my nephew.

Curly Durly – my mother. Wonderful, wonderful woman. I don’t have the words.

Divine M – I love this girl with all my heart. If she ever got to writing about her life it would make a book that you wouldn’t be able to put down. Sadly that’s not going to happen any time soon as she’s actually too busy living her life. She’s who I want to be when I grow up ๐Ÿ˜‰

EDLO – the “Every Day Lust Object”. Like an RLO (see below), but someone who I see on pretty much a daily basis, hence the every day part. Now, whether or not he knows he’s an EDLO is another matter entirely and probably dependent on how good he is at detective work on the blog.

illyna – sometimes you meet people and just click. She is to blame for me finally getting a social life, much to the detriment of the blog. The only Blog Minion in my office, I knew she was a class act when within a week of meeting me she had me pegged and had told me about HuFu.

JB – one of my more serendipitous random internet acquaintances. British, living in Japan, got a blog, check it out.

Joe – also known as the ‘Surly One’, depending on how I feel. An old friend from the WotC days and a great artist. Owns the copyright on my back.

Little Star – my niece.

Moose (sometimes invisible and psycho) – After a rocky introduction the first morning when I hadn’t yet had my cup of tea (*shudder*), we bonded over a mutual love of West Wing and movies, and a mutual loathing of Clompy.

Mr Tall, Dark and Great Smile – the poor, unsuspecting oggle-object of one particular summer. A lovely man who really doesn’t deserve such objectification, but damn-it! He has a wonderful smile and there are times a girl just likes to look. He’s also a bloody good artist – check out his work.

Neko – a live role-playing, poise-wielding, reenactment nut, and climber who also does post-grad study into archaeological computing. A girl with a some very funky hair colour ideas.

Nordic Ninja – a fellow post-grad, and well-versed in some vicious martial art (hence the name).

RIB (Random Internet Bloke) – one of those instances where a person appears in your life for a while, then drops off the radar, only to reappear a few years later, and it be like they never were away. One of the first of my random Internet friends.

Spooky McDougal (Chris I) รขโ‚ฌโ€œ a fellow post-grad. He just has to look at my computer and the thing roles over and asks for its tummy to be tickled! Annoying, but useful. He’s also a dab hand at animating penguins (and other things).

Surgeon General – my uncle the brain surgeon. No, really!

The Brainy Snail – another survivor alumni of Liverpool. Currently embarking on something scary, intelligent and DPhil-like in the field of Archaeology at a famous university in the South/Middle/ish of the UK. She’s new to this whole blogging-deal, so you have to be nice to her.

The Crazy Canalman – my father, so called because he is, well, my father! Known in the family as the Crazy Canalman because he lives on a 47ft semi-traditional narrow boat, currently moored outside of Warwick.

The Cute Canadian (the CC) – as the name suggests, he’s cute, and he’s Canadian. That… pretty much covers it.

The godhead – the supervisor for my thesis. At times I could willingly jump up and down on his head, laughing maniacally, but on the whole he’s a good egg.

The RLO – RLO standing for Random Lust Object. People’s blog names are fairly self explanatory around Bright Meadow and the RLO is so named because he is rather lust worthy and I am never sure when he’s going to appear in my life, hence the ‘random’. It always makes for a good day when the RLO walks into the office.

Tiana – ahh, wonderful Tiana, and the only one who knew me before Cas. I do shudder to think what I was like then! I have nothing else to say but plink, squwibble, angrensim, flibble, eep, and buck wild. Oh, and chocolate oranges.

tSPFKAG – the Spider Plant Formerly Known As George

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