If you would like to get in touch with me for any reason, just shoot an email to: cas.brightmeadow AT

Please include “Bright Meadow” in the subject line – I’ve got some fairly hefty spam-filters set up and want to make sure your comments actually reach me!
I will do my best to respond quickly, but every now and then the penguins stop me, so feel free to keep prodding me if you don’t hear from me within a few days!

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  3. Never thought of myself as a minion, but now that you’ve mentioned this, I think i’d like to be one. Come and see me at my “Meadow”. I don’t have minions. Instead I offer lots of information based on life in general. The purpose of the site is to help promote a novel that I have just finished co-authoring. The publishing industry is screwed so we have decided to market it ourselves. I’d be interested in your comments especially if I pass your tests and become a Minion.

    I’m also a Twitter. Have you heard about it? Come see me here at This is an amazing tool, bringing traffic to you in a way that you could never imagine.

    Kind regards,

    Mike O’Hare

  4. I have indeed heard about Twitter and I would agree, it can be a very useful tool to reach out to people, though I would recommend caution when using it for marketing purposes. Twitter is/can be highly personal and people tend to be very unimpressed if a company is seen to “spam” them with a flood of marketing information. Rather use it to develop that personal touch and a loyalty with the customer base.

    And there are no tests to become a minion. You’ve just got to participate,which you have just done.

    Welcome to Bright Meadow and the comments Mike 🙂

  5. Now’s the time to brush off those cobwebs. There’s a whole world out there waiting for interaction. No fear of spamming on Twitter. I only use the personal touch either replying to comments and keeping it within the context of the message or I just put out the odd message to my “followers”. I aint got many yet, so why don’t you join up.

    It seems strange. Although I’m only interacting to help promote “The Meadow” novel, it’s quite amazing how many good friends I’m making along the way.

    Thanks for welcoming me to Bright Meadow from the Meadowblog.

    Kind regards,


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