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I remember writing stories of one form or another pretty much since I could hold a pen. I was telling stories in the playground and ordering my friends characters around from the very beginning of my scholastic career. Things have just kept going and now I write to mainly make sense of the world around me. I have always told myself long running and involved stories as I wait to fall asleep and some of these have found their way, agonizingly slowly and ironically engendering many a sleepless night, to the fixed page.

A very select few of these I share on Bright Meadow.

All of this sort of writing can be found in the writing archive.

Some I have tagged as “snapshots”. These are written pictures of a moment I see with luminous clarity in my imagination. In my head they are parts of a larger narrative, but for whatever reason, I’ve never written the rest. All there is is these little pictures, moments, glimpses into a story. Please read them, let them settle into your imagination, and get inspired. (For a more detailed discussion of what these ‘snapshots’ mean to me, please read this post).

Yet others are tagged “crimson/clover”. These are teeny, tiny pieces of a much larger story that might, one day, maybe, with the grace of many different deities, become something finite and real. Or at least finished enough for Neko to read it and stop calling me a tease!

There is no pattern to my writing. Sometimes months will go by with nothing, other times I spew out three stories in a week. All I can suggest is keep an eye on the blog and you will see when something new appears.

Please, as always with Bright Meadow, jump into the comments and add to the conversation. I want your opinions or I wouldn’t have posted stuff here! Alternatively, feel free to email me on cas.brightmeadow[@]gmail.com

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