Storm #doris has claimed a tree in #Oxford #365 (it’s a touch breezy out there).

OMG!!! Sunshine!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🌞🌞🌞#365 #oxford #casinreallife #mysillyface

Trying a new Georgian Black #tea from @teainthecityuk. Nice. Need to tweak brewing as it’s less robust than I prefer, but still lovely. I’m still searching for a good alternative to my trusty Assam – want to vary what I’m drinking so I don’t get bored, but finding it really hard to find something that hits the spot! Yes. I am a fussy tea drinker. #365 #casinreallife

Call the Midwife and the curious case of Schrodinger’s Queer

Call the Midwife head image

I have been catching up with Call the Midwife (CtM) lately – don’t judge, I’m a sucker for a good BBC domestic drama – and in between sobbing pathetically through a box of tissues per episode (I’m a sympathy crier) and la-la-la-ing through the overt religious stuff, I do enjoy it. Yes, sometimes the sheer GOODNESS of the main characters sets my teeth a little on edge, but on the whole I get caught up in the storylines, it’s historically pretty accurate, and the writing packs an emotional punch as evidenced by the afore-mentioned tissues.

I just have one pretty hefty issue with the show that reached boiling point last week.

(Don’t read any further if you don’t want spoilers on character arcs up to episode 6.4).
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Pretty new teapot to compliment the mugs I’ve picked up that accidentally coordinate . . . #365 #ihaveamugproblem #teapot #tea #mugs #teamakeseverythingbetter

Home from the gym to be greeted by this months parcel from @theideaowl #happymail #365 #stationaryaddict

The only thing to do when you accidentally go a bit pink on a spread is really lean in to it #365 #bulletjournal #bujo #sonotapinkfan