The Rest Holm Times – Archive: March 2003

– I forgot to celebrate the one-month birthday of the site! *blush* In case you are curious little bunnies, we are up to over 300 hits for the ‘Holm already, which I am smug about, even if you aren’t =P

I’ve started an archive system for the old news-pages. All in the name of trying to keep everything as tidy and quick to load as possible. Does it work/is it worth it? *plaintive wail*

And can I just take this opportunity to tell you that I FLEW A PLANE AT THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A two-seater Piper Tomahawk. And I FLEW IT MYSELF!!! (Yes, I am just a *teeny* bit hyper about this. I rather enjoyed myself.) As far as thrills go, it pretty much rules. Now I just need the money to go for my licence =S Why can’t I live in the States! It’s 50% cheaper there 🙁