The Rest Holm Times – Archive: May 2003

– How many times can I say “home again” before you no longer care? And as it has come to my attention that people actually *read* this page, I shall endeavour to be concise. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll ramble much as I ever did *angel*

Ahh, the bliss of being back in G’bury surrounded by home comforts and beautiful scenery. And with my goldfish for company =D Matrix2 rocked (though there were a few… odd… moments, shall we say?), Southampton was wonderful, I managed to get my ear pierced again much to the chagrin of the aged p’s, and it looks like Dad has found his new home in the narrowboat Triss (Selby wasn’t a complete waste of time after all). We had a truly amazing time at the farm, with Peter’s welcome home party going off wonderfully well, and there were surprisingly few war-tales this time round. *breathes a sigh of relief*. I may even be going to India this winter… Being the unorganised cow that I am, I haven’t managed to get my hair dyed again, let alone sort out workexperience. Shoot me, shoot me now.

But the summer stretches before me, my typing and spelling get worse, and I am off to get some much needed sleep. If any of you know anything about how to get into a career in publishing (most likely editing), do let me know =)