The Rest Holm Times – Archive: November 2004

– Back from Carnival. Pictures to be found on The Carnival Pictures Page. Warning! 34 jpgs, you have been warned, you folks still on dial-up, so no complaining. At some point I will be making it slow-coach friendly, but right now I can’t be bothered. Enjoy.

For those of you who don’t know what carnival is, it is officially called the Glastonbury and Chillkwell Guy Fawkes Carnival (that was a link), and me and mine have been going to it since we were in our prams. Great fun. Cold though – I think one weather report had it as -4 centigrade. That is rather chilly to be standing around in for nearly three hours.

Erm, can’t think of anything else really. Jo did point the following in my direction… Funny, funny.

If you’re bored, or in a very odd mood (like I am most of the time), go to, click on ‘make life better’, then ‘see the film and sing along’. Really, a piece of advertising genius! But be warned, the song is incredibly catchy – you will be singing it for the next week. Mwhahahahaaa… (disclaimer – I’m not necessarily endorsing the car, just the advert).

And YAY! Got a comment from someone other than a flatmate I bullied into it to see if the bloody thing worked! And double yay! It’s Jess! *huggles*

Right, I am off to read about databases some more. Woot!