The Rest Holm Times – Archive: November 2004

26-11-2004 – Another week has more or less finished.

Films watched: Bridget Jones 2, Oceans Eleven, The Cooler, Harry Potter 1 2 & 3, King Arthur.

Episodes of West Wing watched: Disc 1 & 2 of series 3, plus the weekly episode from series 4. (And very restrained I have been, seeing as how Series 4 on DVD arrived on my doorstep on Thursday…

Paper models made: Francis the Owl, Horatio the Dog, Sir Cedric.

Assignments completed: two thirds of Research Skills.

Assignments still to do: rest of Research Skills, Core Computing, Multimedia. Eeek.

Hours worked: far too many.

Books read: Phantom of the Opera, Da Vinci Code.

Headaches: one mamoth one, so I am going to bed now even though it isn’t quite nine o’clock.