The Rest Holm Times – Archive: February 2005

– Alas poor Micra, I knew him Horatio… For yes, the car is dead. Very very dead. I went to the garage to clear the last few bits out of it on Friday and it looked so sad sitting there in the lot, surrounded by other dead cars. So that is me going Shanks’ Pony for a while. (That is walking everywhere to those of you who aren’t so clued up on archaic british slang).

In happier news, I only have two weeks left at work (though looking at my bank balance, it’s not that happy :S), I have yet to make a (total) fool of myself at Uni this semester (though it is only the start of week 2, give me a chance), and, um, Motorcycle Diaries won best foreign film at the BAFTAs. As far as I was concerned it (or Finding Neverland) should have won best film, but the Aviator was good as well I guess.