The Rest Holm Times – Archive: April 2005

Still going

I have decided, for now, to run the blog and the ‘Holm concurrently. There are things around here that won’t work in blog format (the bookshelf for one), but I am preferring the blog for what was on this page. From now on, look to the blog for rants/updates on my life etc, whilst come here for other things. This page is going to become more what it was intended – a first place to look to see what is new around the ‘Holm.

And in that spirit, a new book review: Clive Cussler’s Sahara.

The relationship between the blog and the Holm is going to be awkward for a while till I get set up with my own hosting, when the blog will nest nicely inside the site. If you were are one of the (few) frequent visitors to the Holm, then I would recommend you look at the Blog first. I will notify you there of anything worth looking at around here.