People develop strange habits when they spend their working lives in dark rooms

My cunning plan has worked: Moose is now a self-proclaimed RSS junkie as well.
Seeing as how I think RSS is a good thing, I thought it would be good of me to make public what the RSS feed for this site is (working on the prinicple that, if I don’t tell you, someone is going to end up yelling at me). If you scroll down the page a bit, on the right hand side of the screen, below the archive section, is a little orange button marked “XML, RSS Feed”. If you have an RSS reader already, then you will know what to do. If you don’t, get a news reader, copy the link (it should end in xml), and subscribe to the feed. Easy as that. Now you will always know when my next monumentally over long rant has been posted. I won’t list here all the newsreaders that are out there – just do a google.

I do have one favour to ask – when (if) anyone does subscribe to the RSS feed, could they let me know if they get just the first few lines of the post, or the entire thing. I should have it set up so that only the title and the first 255 characters get syndicated, but blogger is being a bit silly, and I want to check.

Toodles, enjoy!