Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in all the land

Let the games begin! I think that I have cracked sidenotes/footnotes, at least for those of you with happy browsers 1. [By happy browsers, I mean Firefox, Safari, and anything else that supports CSS3.]
Everyone else 2 [Namely, Moose, which is a bit unfortunate considering that I started looking into this fix mainly to keep her happy…] will see them inline between [] brackets. Fingers crossed!

This does have the disadvantage that I can no longer be annoying and force people to scroll down to the bottom of a long post, and then back up again. I am sure that if I think long and hard enough I will be able to come up with something equally as annoying. Just give me time.

Now, I really really would appreciate feedback on this little innovation 3 [I do wish that I could take full credit for the solution, but the idea, and some of the basic coding, belongs to Ben Hammersley and Andreas Bovens]. IE – does it work for you?! I can see me tweaking it for some time to come till I get it just right. For example, it’s been live for five minutes and I’ve already come across one problem that could see me scrapping the whole idea entirely. The current method relies on creating anchors between the number and the sidenote, which is fine if it was just one post per page, but it isn’t, so I have had to adopt a clunky alpha-numeric system to distinguish between posts. Not elegant at all. Hmmmm. -brain goes off to do some thinking on the subject-