there’s nothing worse than an unused noodle

As the badge says, you have to be nice to me, for I am currently sitting here typing with aproximately a pint of blood less than normal swimming around my veins and arteries. Also, due to lack of blood, I am feeling a bit lightheaded and not at all in the mood to type coherent sentences (or to spell correctly). So enjoy these few snippets.

I’m feeling a bit low today, and not just as a result of blood loss, so I need some eye candy. Don’t care about the rest of you so much, this one is for me. Now, if only such men existed in real life… Mr Fantasic himself

Now, I’m a good girl, and am waiting eagerly till I can read the new Harry Potter (not letting myself start it till after the run on Sunday), but the news that it’s already been on sale in Canada narks me something rotten. Moose is right – things are better over there!

Ouch! Be warned, they’re coming to get you: Wi-Fi signal thief arrested

Read before they get sued from here to the second coming. Tom Cruise is

Just see what you can do with sparklers, and a digital camera with the exposure set real slow. Flickr sparkler set

If that’s all, I’m off to have a nice swoon on my bed. Toodles.

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