scrawling my existence on random sheets of parchment

Today was a slow day, evidenced by the fact that I started yet another blog – Blackcurrant Cheesecake. This one is being given over to the few pieces of fiction I wrote a couple of years back that seemed, on the whole, not stomach-churningly bad. All I can say is go and read, and (perhaps most importantly) tell me what you really think. Good, bad, ugly, how could I make it better, etc etc ad nauseam.

A few last things before I sign off of for the evening:

I am detecting a certain peripherals theme lately in my posts. This isn’t by itself a bad thing, but could be giving people the wrong idea about me. To them, in the fond memories of a random internet bloke I once dated, I say “Meh”.

More grist for the peripheral lovers mill –

I can think of some of my mates doing research into VR are going to get all excited about this: Toshiba develops flatbed 3D display. Not totally convinced myself. Can see some exciting sci-fi futures though 🙂

Ok, sexy, totally uncessesary, exciting… the Optimus Keyboard

And those observant ones among you might have noticed a new little link in the “Keep in Touch” section. In keeping with my own narcissistic desires to get more readership, I submitted by blog to Blogwise about a month ago, and finally got approved in the middle of the week. Did a search for fellow ‘archaeology’ bloggers, and got directed to good old Michael Shanks. Even though Traumwerk was down the last couple of times I tried to look, got to owe the man a plug. He is partly to blame responsible for my current predicament with regards wikis and my thesis. That voodoo doll on my desk is nothing to do with him. Honestly. Yep. Nothing to do with him. Nothing at all…

Now that really is me done for the evening. I think. Probably. Depends how bored I get later on.

*edit* Seems I made a bit of a boo-boo a couple of posts back with my title – In About as convincing a disguse… it should read as a Polar bears only GOLF club, not goth club. It wasn’t an intentional re-write, though a remarkably appropriate one. I genuinely thought that that was the line, though thinking about it golf does make more sense for WW1-era Blackadder. Thanks to Moose for pointing it out to me 🙂