have you seen him? with the eyes, and the chest, and the… immortality?

There just aren’t the words to describe how much I laughed when Aoife emailed me these pictures this morning. Definately made my day.

Go here for a Flickr set of photos from our night out the other week. The night out in question was previously described here.

I know Dixons have announced that they are no longer going to stock 35mm cameras, and this makes me sad because digital cameras just aren’t as good, but the invention of digital cameras has certainly made it easier to record nights-out and how silly everyone looks whilst drunk.

There have been some memorable moments from this year, but this has to rank at (or near) the top. Going to miss these guys come October when we scatter to the four winds 🙁

One of my favourites: (end of the night. From left to right the Nordic Ninja, Cas (yes I really am that short), Jeff, and the Cute Canadian)