i offer the modest proposal that our universe is simply one of those things which happen

You know you’ve reached that point with your thesis and research when you start having dreams about your supervisor chasing you with sharp pointy objects and trying to brainwash you.

After the third such subconscious visitation from the godhead, it was decided that I needed a night off, and I was taken to see ‘Crash‘ for some light relief. Odd choice for a date movie. Odd choice for any movie actually. Definitely not one of this years happy-fluffy films, and I would not recommend moving to LA – they are all psychos out there! The good guys end up shooting people, you start to sympathize with the most racist bigot of the lot… Odd movie.

Right, because I always over analyze stuff *1* and I really shouldn’t, I am going to stop discussing my exploits and return normal service to the blog by once more riffling through the trash that has accumulated in the Random folder.

Random Insult Generator. Can’t remember if this was a JB gem, or a Mata gem, but it is very funny. Apparently I am a politically illiterate bloodsucker. Nice.

Once more into the gadget fray: Full Metal Keyboard.

3D browser. Oooh, contextual browsing. Fun.

Scilly Knicker Thief exiled for 7 years. What I found funniest about this? The police asked the women to identify their belongings. Think about this for a moment. Would you want to go down to the local station and pick out your diamante-studded G-string from all the others? It’s also the idenifying “other items” that gets me. “Yes officer, that is indeed my Rampant Rabbit”…

the Onion – Michael Bay ‘interview’. Funny on so many levels. Also, there’s an Intelligent Falling article that made me laugh a lot. Won’t link to it though, because I guess some people might not find it so funny. It’s on that site if you want to go look.

Frist Urges teaching of ID. And it continues. I don’t have a problem with people learning about Intelligent Design. It’s when it is taught as a science that I start to get all worried. It’s not a science. Never will be. Teach it as sociology, religion, etc, but not in the same breath as an established scientific theory. And before you get all pissy about the use of the word “theory” there, all science is just a theory. Gravity is just a theory, yet… Nope, no way to finish that sentence without offending people, so I’m just going to simmer quietly over here.

Gallery told to drop ‘gay’ Batman. Awwww, this is just mean. Everyone knows Batman and Robin are lovers. Why do DC comics keep trying to get them back in the closet?

Book Vending Machines. Good idea, but what’s wrong with, you know, a book store?

E-Paper. Shiny futuristic futures coming even more real… Ok, would try to make that sentence more, you know, in keeping with words written by someone who claims to be proud of her grasp of the English language, but house hunting has kinda sapped any will to live right now.

And finishing on an appropriately surreal note, student held over online mugging.

*1*Though the resulting blog is apparently very cool. Shiny.Back
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