i’ve been sane a long while now and change is good

Cas is currently

Ok, because I am going totally insane, and no fun to be around right now, I am going to hold off the long blog posts till I can guarantee I won’t kill innocent bystanders.

Just a quickie – it was brought to my attention today that if you google my name and a certain social software project I am currently working on, I am the top (yes, that’s the first) result. Depending on what keywords, and how much of my name, you use, you also get upwards of four or five more results for me (yes, little old me!) on the first page alone.

If you’re internet sleuthing skills are any good, go check it out and have a look see at how wonderfully well I am failing my course. If you promise to play nice, I might even let you join the wiki properly so you can talk to the great and the good of archaeology. Well, you could talk to them if any of the ?$%!!*$@* little buggers were using the damn thing. As it is, I can conclude my entire thesis right now and save you all having to read it:
Question: How do wiki’s promote discussion in some arcane and esoteric field no one is really interested in?
Answer: They don’t.

Yes, happy campers, the culmination of four years of university and over £20,000 of debt, all neatly summed up in one snappy line. Go me.